Local Makers 

    Meet the makers who help define the culture and community that makes the Stevens Point Area what it is. From the story of coming home and building the nationally recognized Ruby Coffee to strolling through a community and feeling a sense of belonging before opening Agora - explore these Stevens Point Area stories. 

    The Stevens Point Area Local Makers Series aims to collect and share the stories of local makers. Through behind the scene access and interviews, each story highlights the local makers through their personal journey of inspiration, creativity, and community.



    Learn more about Agora, a local maker's market in downtown Stevens Point, with this behind the scenes take with owner Cara. 

    Meet the Maker | Agora

    Hear the spark that created the inspiration to open Agora and how cooperation is the lifeblood for a thriving community. View More


    Ruby Coffee

    Get to know Ruby Coffee and hear the stories about how Ruby came to be, from a leap of faith to the struggles and sacrifices along the way. 

    Meet the Maker | Ruby

    Wondering what makes Ruby Coffee stand out? Watch the series to hear the stories behind the scenes. View More


    Stevens Point Brewery

    Get to know Farryn Guarino the mastermind behind quality assurance for one of the oldest, continuously operated breweries in the nation.

    Meet the Maker | Stevens Point Brewery

    Learn more about the Stevens Point native who fell in love with the quest for the next great beer. View More


    Fall Line Outfitters

    Meet Craig Cook and find out more about this veteran-owned fly fishing store, tucked in downtown Stevens Point. 

    Meet the Maker | Fall Line Outfitters

    Meet the force behind Fall Line Outfitters and it's connection to the fly-fishing legacy in the Stevens Point Area. View More


    Whitefeather Organics

    Learn more about the lives of farmers Tony and Laura and what drives them to cultivate the land in the Stevens Point Area. 

    Meet the Makers | Whitefeather Organics

    Learn more about their path to farming, the one thing they'll never tell a chef, and answers to five foodie questions. View More

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    Read the blogs featuring local makers below, or discover more about the local food movement here. Then, plan your trip to the Stevens Point Area to visit these great locations using these itineraries to guide your stay.