Pour. Sip. Enjoy.

Start with a tour and a taste with Central Wisconsin’s finest craft breweries, wineries, and distillery as part of the Central Wisconsin Craft Collective. The Craft Collective is a partnership between the craft beverage makers in the Stevens Point Area.

What started with what is now known as the Stevens Point Brewery in 1857 (one of the oldest continuously operating breweries in the nation) has seen considerable growth in the last 25 years. Today, they are joined by Central Waters (1996), O’so Brewing (2007), Great Northern Distilling (2013), Sunset Point Winery (2015), McZ’s Brew Pub (2017), and District 1 Brewing (2020).

Learn more about each brewery, winery, and distillery of the Central Wisconsin Craft Collective, to plan your ideal trip to explore local flavor in the Stevens Point Area. 

Grab the Glass Mural in downtown Stevens Point

Pick your flavor. Then, plan your trip.

Get inspired and start planning. 


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