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    O'so Brewing Company

    Homegrown Passion

    To explore more Wisconsin flavors, try O’so Brewing Company in Plover. O’so started as a home brewing passion that finally bubbled to the surface in 2007 when O’so opened in a small retail space along Post Road in Plover. Since 2007 the business has grown, moving to a new location at Village Park in Plover and increasing production from 350 barrels to over 6,000 barrels. O’so’s passion for brewing beyond their own beers is evident in their Tap House, which features 40 beers on tap, all from Wisconsin breweries.

    Where to Find It?

    O’so Brewing Company is located at 1800 Plover Road in Plover. Plan a stop to visit the Tap House, which is located between the Point Brew Supply shop and the working brewery. O'so Brewing Company is now located in the Artists and Fare Development In Plover. 

    Tasty Tidbits

    O’so is a great place to start if you aren’t quite sure what you like. Sampler platters are available to help you hone your palate. (Want something completely different? O’so regularly creates extreme and one-off varieties worth a try.)

    Over 21? Try a beer served on a Nitro tap for an interesting change in texture and flavor.

    Peek in the windows to the working brewery to see the colorful tanks and see if you can recognize the classic characters - we are looking at you Barney and Big Bird!

    Plan your trip - O'so Brewing Company

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