Great Northern Distilling

Artful (and local) Mixology

Great Northern Distilling elevates the cocktail to an art form. As the region’s first distillery, they are committed to small batches using high-quality ingredients from local farmers, including local potatoes for its iconic vodka. Along with their iconic vodka, Great Northern Distilling has released a rum, a vanguard whiskey, a rye whiskey, and a gin. 

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Where to Find It?

Great Northern Distilling is located at 1011 Second Street, Stevens Point (in their new digs that opened in May of 2023). The distillery offers an upscale bar and additional seating serving up good cocktails, good company, and good times. 

Tasty Tidbits

The iconic copper still might have smooth rounded edges, but don’t expect to find that on Great Northern’s bottle, which is an unusual square-shaped bottle.

It might be new (in comparison to the Stevens Point Brewery brewing since 1857), but the potato vodka is award-winning, as the distillery’s vodka received a medal during the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.​

Want more? Great Northern also offers a Coffee Liqueur made in partnership with Ruby Coffee Roaster and a Wisconsin Brandy distilled using a white wine from Sunset Point Winery.

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