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National Travel & Tourism Week

National Travel & Tourism Week is all about showcasing #TravelForward. The annual celebration allows us an opportunity to celebrate our industry’s role in fostering vibrant communities, driving innovation, facilitating recovery, and powering the U.S. economy. 

Our goal in destination marketing is to inspire people to travel. While it is no easy task, it would be impossible without our strong partnership with the Stevens Point Area tourism industry. The Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau works to serve as storytellers for the region and it is our partners who provide the experiences. We work to tell stories that don't tell people to come and visit, but instead, let the stories show the people and places that make it worth visiting. How lucky we are, that we have such a strong culture of entrepreneurial spirit and creativity for the local makers who call the Stevens Point Area home. They are helping create a destination with a compelling story - and worthy of a visit. 

So this year, in honor of National Travel & Tourism Week, we want to celebrate #TravelForward. It is the power of travel that brings joy and creates memorable experiences to millions, year over year. Travel cultivates new ideas and relationships. It creates a positive economic impact that supports local businesses, jobs, and communities. Travel builds community. Travel employs our neighbors. Travel stimulates the economy.

To all of our Stevens Point Area tourism industry partners - we THANK YOU!


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2022 Traveler Expenditure Data

Portage County Tourism saw a record-breaking year in 2022. 

Tourism generated $245.9 million in Portage County in 2022, according to figures released by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism. These dollars, brought to the region by travelers, highlight the importance of the tourism economy and its role in supporting local businesses.

Wisconsin tourism generated $23.7 billion in total economic impact, surpassing the previous record of $22.2 billion set in 2019.

Ranked 22 out of all 72 counties for the state, Portage County has seen growth in visitor spending incrementally since 2012. 

Read the full press release here.


#TravelForward with us!

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