Ruby Coffee 

    Wondering what makes Ruby Coffee stand out? Watch the series to hear the stories behind Ruby, directly from the owners Jared and Deanna. Learn how the idea for Ruby came to life, how Ruby is different than a majority of other coffee companies, struggles, and triumphs they had along the way, and their deep connection to the community surrounding them. 

    The Stevens Point Area Local Makers Series aims to share the stories of local makers. Through behind the scene access and interviews, each story highlights the Stevens Point Area makers through their personal journey of inspiration, creativity, and community.

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    Episode 1

    Wonder what planted the seed to start Ruby? Learn more in Ruby Coffee's first episode as owners Jared and Deanna talk about how the idea for Ruby came to life, and what makes Ruby stand-out.  

    Episode 2

    In the next episode, hear the details behind Ruby's beginning. From the challenges they faced starting the company, balancing family life, and the birth of a daughter. 

    Episode 3

    As Ruby grew, so did the desire to expand and create another space for the community to gather. Watch as the concrete is poured with Alchemy Concrete (with a dash of dancing) in Ruby Cafe in downtown Stevens Point. 

    Episode 4

    In the final episode, learn more about Ruby's philosophy on making an impact in the community. Hear how they aspire to use coffee and conversation to build connections and how being in central Wisconsin makes that impact achievable.  

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    Binge-watch the feature-length version of Ruby, no breaks needed. Watch to learn more and hear the story behind Ruby Coffee, from what sparked the idea for colorful coffee and how it has grown in central Wisconsin.


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