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Curd Crown Showdown - Stevens Point AreaShowdown

Join the Curd Crown Showdown and help send your favorite spot all the whey to the top! Everyone who votes will be entered into a random drawing giving one lucky winner a chance to win a cheese-stuffed prize package to fill their fridge and their stomachs! 

Ready for a showdown?

Nominations have been made, and votes have been counted! Now the Top 8 will go head-to-head, and you can help decide who will come out on top of the Curd Crown Showdown. Each week cast a vote to advance your favorites, with the final showdown starting on November 7.  

Want to Vote in Head-to-Head Matchups?

Find us on Instagram & Facebook. Voting will be weekly from September 26 through November 13.

On Instagram - vote on the poll in our Story.
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Or, vote on this page for the weekly head-to-head matchups. 

*Voting will only be open for 24 hours for each matchup on social media. Voting on this page will be open for the week for each match-up.



Week 1: Guu's on Main

The next match-ups!👇

Week 2: PJ's vs. Ambrosia's
Week 3: Feltz's vs. Mikey's
Week 4: Hilltop vs. Point After
Week 5: Guu's vs. Winner of Week 3
Week 6: Winner of Week 2 vs. Winner of Week 4
Final Vote: Winner of Week 5 vs. Winner of Week 6

Vote each week for a chance to win!




Step 1: Vote

Pick your favorite spot in this week's showdown!

Step 2: Enter

Enter for your chance to win our cheese-stuffed prize package (details below).

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Bike the Tomorrow River State Trail, with a stop at the barrel-aging giant Central Waters Brewing Company in Amherst.@curdqueen
Cheese-filled Prize Package

Bring on the best cheese in this gooey, delicious, and totally-Wisconsin themed prize package. One lucky winner will receive $50 to spend as you please at cheese hot-spots in central Wisconsin, including Feltz Dairy Store and Mullins Cheese. Opt for fresh cheese, ice cream, or something else, it’s up to you! The prize also includes a delicious $100 gift certificate to the Curd Crown-winning spot to enjoy the curds + more!

Prize Package includes*:
Feltz Dairy Store - $50
Mullins Cheese - $50
Dining Gift Certificate to the winning Curd Crown Spot- $100
*Retail value: $200

Curd Crown Showdown: Guide to the Top 8

Learn more about cheese in the Stevens Point Area, as restaurants vie for the top spot during the Curd Crown Showdown! Use this as your guide to tasty spots for curds that can only be found in central Wisconsin. Then, visit these cheese curds spots... View More


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