Looking for some local flavor? Check out our round-up of 26 tasty things to try in the Stevens Point Area, from A to Z! From fresh craft beer at Central Waters Brewing Company to a delicious breakfast you won't want to miss at Ruby Cafe, we've compiled some of the tastiest gems the area has to offer. 

Header photo by @sidney98engman at District 1 Brewing Company
@themaingrainbakeryPhoto By: @themaingrainbakery

A: Asiago Thyme Bread

At the Main Grain Bakery in downtown Stevens Point, you'll find plenty of tasty goods. But, they kick off our list, with their best-selling and most popular loaf of bread - Asiago Thyme. While they are known for their sourdough, you'll find lots of other delicious specialties, from cookies, cream pies, cheesecakes, and even a cake subscription club. Check out their full offerings via their online store. We promise you won't regret it. 

Photo By: @janzabelle

B: Bloody Mary

Tucked away off the beaten path in the Stevens Point Area, you'll find one of Wisconsin's best Bloody Marys at Rusty's Backwater Saloon. This staple Wisconsin cocktail is made even better with a kick of pepper juice, fresh-crushed garlic, cheese whips, a beef stick, and an assortment of pickled goods. While Rusty's bloody isn't the biggest, it certainly deserves props for their blend of flavors - a recipe that goes way beyond plain tomato juice and tabasco.  


feltz's dairy store exterior cow statue

C: Cheese Curds

Find fresh, local, Wisconsin-made cheese curds from Feltz Dairy Store. Not only will you find fresh squeaky cheese curds, but you can also take home blocks, spreads, and cheese trays. Looking for deep-fried cheese curds? Don't worry, they have those too! 


@ rose_house_venuePhoto By: @ rose_house_venue

D: Donuts

For a house-made fresh donut, stop in at the Rose House. While the Rose House is known as a downtown Stevens Point event venue, they offer up plenty of tasty options during the week including pizza nights and of course donuts. Rose House also has a gift shop filled with handmade gifts, art, and refurbished items. The Rose House serves up fresh, and drool-worthy donuts Wednesday through Saturday. Stop in to check out the space, get a delicious donut, and a coffee to go!

@tappedmaplesyrupPhoto By: @tappedmaplesyrup

E: Espresso Infused Tapped Maple Syrup

This maple syrup is a local flavor partnership with Liberation Farms and Mission Coffee, made by Tapped Maple Syrup. Tapped is known for making craft-infused, barrel-aged, and pure maple syrup, which takes this staple item way beyond pancakes. You'll find this syrup available for purchase at local shops including Agora Makers Market, Ruby Cafe, Stevens Point Area COOP, The Village Hive in the Stevens Point Area. 


@hailey.the.turf.muttPhoto By: @hailey.the.turf.mutt

F: Fried Chicken & Donut Sandwich

Donut. Fried. Chicken. Sandwich. Need we say more? This Sunday brunch staple at Mikey's is one you won't want to miss. A perfect blend of sweet and savory, this fried chicken & donut sandwich is drizzled with garam masala spiced honey. We highly recommend pairing it with a delicious Farmers Market Bloody Mary filled with a house-made mix and greens to top!


Sunset Point Winery

G: Glacial Lake Cran Grape

Get some central Wisconsin flavors in your glass with the Glacial Lake Cran Grape wine at Sunset Point Winery. Made with white grapes and local cranberries, it has a great mix of tart and sweet. More local cranberries can be found in the Golden Sands Cran-Rasperry - a semi-sweet rose. Head to the winery for a tour and a tasting flight to learn more and find your perfect flavor. 


@loneprairiewolfPhoto By: @loneprairiewolf

H: Honey Blonde Ale

In Amherst, you will find Central Waters Brewing. While they may be known for their barrel-aged and full-bodied stouts, don't overlook this flagship beer, available year-round. Honey Blonde Ale, made with real Wisconsin honey, is a traditional cream ale featuring a breezy floral bouquet, subtle sweetness, and crisp, clean finish. Want more? Check out the Central Wisconsin Craft Collective for more tasty local brews worth a try. 


Arbuckles Italian FriesPhoto By: Arbuckles Eatery & Pub

I: Italian Fries

Get ready for a picture-perfect cheese pull at Arbuckles for their Italian Fries. These seasoned strips of homemade pizza crust with mozzarella cheese are a Stevens Point Area staple. Prefer to have the garlic-y goods without the cheese? You can opt for the Italian Fries without the mozzarella, too!


Diversi-Tea Jasmine LavenderPhoto By: @diversi.tea

J: Jasmine Lavender

If you're looking for a flavor-filled green tea, we recommend trying the jasmine lavender from Diversi-Tea. Prefer to explore other flavor options? You'll find more than 170 loose leaf tea options from green teas, black teas, herbal teas, and more! Head in and order a cup, and get some expert flavor guidance to help you pick your own personal favorite. Don't miss out on their Olive Oil & Vinegars, too!



Mr BrewsPhoto By: Mr Brews Taphouse

K: Kentucky Bourbon Classic

This burger from Mr. Brews Taphouse is all about the extras. Piled high with cheddar cheese, grilled onions, bacon, crispy french fried onions, and topped off with Mr. Brew's signature sauce -- Kentucky Bourbon Mayo, this will be a burger you may need a few extra napkins for! 



Belt's Icecream

L: Large Cone

At Belt's Soft Serve, a popular walk-up soft serve spot, they serve the infamous Large Cone. When they say large, they mean it - as this behemoth cone stands at nearly a foot tall! Definitely not for the faint of heart (or stomach), you may want to opt for the Large Cone in a dish to make it easier to share (as pictured). Not in the mood for a cone? Don't worry, flurries and sundaes are a favorite too. Belt's is cash only, so plan accordingly.



Dig into tasty mac n' cheese at Guu's!Photo By: @thejenniwelch

M: Macaroni & Cheese

Move over boring macaroni & cheese! In the Stevens Point Area we are all about this classic comfort food with a twist. Head to Guu's on Main or Sky Club Supper Club for a piled-high version topped with smoky meat and savory extras. At Guu's, you'll find a version topped with pulled pork, chipotle BBQ sauce, and fried onion strings (we promise Mac 'n Cheese is under all that goodness - as pictured)! If you head to Sky Club in Plover, order their drool-worthy Brisket Mac. The dish is generously topped with pecan-smoked brisket and a Great Northern whiskey peach BBQ sauce.



@sky.whysperPhoto By: @sky.whysper

N: Nutella-Banana Crepe

If you're in the mood for something sweet, don't miss out on the Nutella-Banana Crepe at Ruby Cafe in downtown Stevens Point. This crepe is topped with house-made nutella, bananas, walnuts, and fresh-made vanilla whipped cream! If you're looking to pair it with a drink, you won't regret trying the Maple Latte.


The LandmarkPhoto By: The Landmark

O: Open-faced Poached Egg Sandwich

Oh yeah, this savory sandwich is definitely worth a try at The Landmark in downtown Amherst. The open-faced sandwich starts with a base of toasted Main Grain Bakery's Seasame Semolina bread, followed by ham, grilled tomato, and topped with two perfectly poached eggs with a housemade basil drizzle. Eat it as a sandwich or dig right in with a knife and fork - either way, it is delicious!



Pho at Mamma Mai'sPhoto By: Emily Kiefer

P: Pho

To get your Pho fix, make sure to visit a hidden gem in the Stevens Point Area, Mama Mai's. They offer authentic Southeast Asian foods, including Hmong egg rolls, Pad Thai, and of course - Pho! The best part about Pho is the broth - and their dishes deliver! While they serve up several different options with meats from brisket to pork belly, all served up with fresh herbs and sauces to make it exactly to your liking. In fact, they'll even substitute the traditional rice noodles for zucchini noodles upon request.


El MolcajetePhoto By: El Molcajete

Q: Quesadilla Mexicana

Think quesadillas are bland and only filled with cheese? Think again with this delicious quesadilla from El Molcajete. Jam-packed with shrimp, bell peppers, tomatoes, and onion, and of course cheese - this dish packs a ton of flavor. Ramp it up even more with a selection of housemade salsas, including sweet to spicy options like mango habanero, at this popular spot. 

Point Brewery

R: Root Beer

The region may be known as the home of one of the oldest continuously operated breweries in the nation - so it shouldn't be a surprise Root Beer makes our list. The Stevens Point Brewery, brewing since 1857, is a must-visit spot in the Stevens Point Area. While you are there, don't overlook the line of Point Premium sodas, including the Root Beer (in both regular and diet). Of course, this tasty beverage can be found all over town, including ice cream hotspots for the perfect summer treat - the Point Root Beer Float! 

@sirenshrubsPhoto By: @sirenshrubs

S: Strawberry Shrub

Never heard of a shrub? This victorian-era flavored vinegar is back in style, in part to the women behind the scenes at Siren Shrub. This culinary booster is a helpful tool when it comes to cocktails, mocktails, and recipes. In the Stevens Point Area, they work with local farmers to preserve fruits and herbs picked at the peak of the season, to enjoy all year round. Take your tastebud on a flavor trip with the Strawberry Shrub, a sweet yet tangy mixer that pairs best with lemonade, tequila, and even on salads! Siren Shrubs offers other flavors including tart cherry, maple ginger, and lemongrass - in addition to sparkling shrubs, and cocktail kits. 

McZ's Tomato Bazil PizzaPhoto By: McZ's Brew Pub

T: Tomato Basil Pizza

Not much is better than the combination of beer and pizza - and at McZ's Brew Pub it is worth a stop. The brewery, which opened in 2017 in downtown Rosholt, offers a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere. Order up their take on the tomato basil pizza, which is served on a housemade dough topped with basil pesto, sliced Roma tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella! Serving several flagship beers on tap, try a variety with a tasting flight.  

Nabeyaki Udon at Matsu Ya in the Stevens Point AreaPhoto By: Matsu Ya

U: Udon

While Matsu Ya may be more widely known for their sushi, you don't want to overlook the rest of their menu - including their Udon. Not sure what Udon is? These chewy Japanese noodles served in a simple dashi broth with extras, offer a delicate but very savory flavor. Order the Nabeyaki Udon (pictured), for this classic noodle soup paired with shrimp, fish cake, chicken, mussel, and topped with a poached egg and scallions. Prefer all veggies? Try their Vegetable Udon with tempura vegetables. 

@wickedwillowllcPhoto By: @wickedwillowllc

V: Vegan Banana Pancakes

Love breakfast, no matter what time of day it is? You'll want to add these to your list to try at Wicked Willow. While they may be vegan, you don't have to be to enjoy this delicious treat. These drool-worthy banana pancakes are served with organic maple syrup and topped with chocolate chips. Want more? You'll find plenty of additional delicious options with their plant-based menu full of flavor, including desserts, worth a try.

Enjoy a colossal pretzel at Wissota Chophouse, located inside of the Cobblestone Hotel!Photo By: Wissota Chophouse

W: Wissota's Apps

While Wissota Chophouse, located in the Cobblestone Hotel in downtown Stevens Point may be known as a steakhouse, you don't want to overlook their stellar appetizers. Check out their shareables menu, where you can stick with the classic, like the giant bavarian pretzel - with beer cheese, of course! - or get adventurous with grilled octopus, crispy rabbit wontons, or the Neuske bacon slab. Want more? Get the scoop on more appetizers worth a try.

Sugar Bar
Photo By: @sugarbarsp

X: X-Rated Vacation

Sugar Bar is known for their fun and eccentric drink menu and none more clearly shows that than The X-rated Vacation with vodka, peach, coconut, and pineapple. While there, be sure to check out the rest of their fun menu!

Father FatsPhoto By: @fatherfats

Y: Yuca-Crusted Sea Scallops

At Father Fats, you'll want to add these Yuca-Crusted Sea Scallops to your order (if you're lucky enough to have them show up on the ever-changing menu when you visit). While their menu may be geared to shareable options, this is one you may want to order just for yourself. These perfectly seared and delicious scallops are crusted in yuca and topped with an avocado crema. Not sure what yuca is? It is a root vegetable, with a texture that is similar to a potato.


King Cone

Z: Zanzee Chocolate Bar

Love all things chocolate? Then, you'll want to add this rich flavor to your list when you visit King Cone. But, be warned, their case in their Plover location is a bit overwhelming to ice cream lovers - serving 48 flavors to choose from! Go in with a plan to try Zanzee Chocolate Bar, which has won multiple awards for its intense chocolate flavor. Order it in a cone, dish, shake, sundae, - or ask for a King Sampler to try 4 different flavors with this ice cream tasting flight!

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