In the search for a warm bowl of Mac and Cheese? Look no further, we've searched all over the Stevens Point Area for where to find the best Mac and Cheese. Take a look at our list ranging from best topped Mac and Cheese to the best Classic Mac below, then venture out to satisfy your Mac and Cheese cravings. 

Header photo from @wickedwillowllc

Best Loaded Mac and Cheese


Too many decisions to choose from? You will just have to try them all! Take a look at the selection of the best topped Mac and Cheese's in the Stevens Point Area. 

  • PJ's, with 13 different toppings ranging from meats to veggies to choose from. 
  • Wicked Willow, made fully vegan the jalapeno popper mac is one to add to your must-try list.  
  • BJ's Brick Pit House, has a "smoked" Mac and Cheese loaded with proteins ranging from grilled cajun shrimp to sliced tenderloin. 

Wicked Willow 

Best Meat Topped Mac and Cheese


Looking for a meaty Mac and Cheese? The compiled list below has a range of the best meaty macs in the Stevens Point Area ranging from BBQ Pulled pork to Crispy Bacon. 

  • Guus on Main, with a mac topped with chipotle BBQ-covered pulled pork and fried onions located right in downtown Stevens Point.
  • Sky Club, offers a mac topped with brisket covered in a Great Northern Whiskey Peach BBQ sauce. 
  • Arbuckles Eatery and Pub, smothered in a Wisconsin cheddar cheese sauce, shaved asiago, and parmesan cheese this mac is also topped with crispy bacon. 

Guus on Main 

Most Out-of-The Box Mac and Cheese


In the mood for something more than cheese? We've got you covered, below is a list of the best out of the ordinary Mac and Cheeses including lobster, truffle and other out of the box toppings!

  • Wissota Chophouse, made with truffles and Nueske's bacon this mac is one to try.
  • Father Fats, topped with wilted spinach, heirloom tomatoes, and shishito peppers the real star in this mac is the Piri Piri Lobster. Make sure to check their menu as it is always changing.
  • Monks Bar and Grill, topped with a crunch this mac is topped with fresh tater tots and coated in crispy bacon. 

Father Fats 

Best Classic Mac and Cheese


Looking for a simple classic bowl of gooey Mac and Cheese to hit the spot? Check out the list below for the best classic Mac and Cheese in the Stevens Point Area. 

  • Mikey's Bar and Grill, with a large helping of cavatappi noodles and covered in a fresh Wisconsin cheddar sauce. 
  • Grazies Italian Grill, made with a homemade cheese sauce this staple mac is a childhood favorite. 
  • Amber Grill, Upgrade your side to baked mac & Cheese with your entree.

Grazies Italian Grill 

Best Bite Sized Mac and Cheese


Traditional Mac and Cheese just not cutting it? Take a look at some of our favorite places to get the perfect mac and cheese bites! 

Politos Pizza 



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