Whether you're looking for traditional Mexican dishes, tasty sushi, or other international flavors, the Stevens Point Area has lots of options to hit the spot! Learn more about the top places for international flavors, with a twist, in the Stevens Point Area in this blog.


Mama Mai's Noodles

Dish to Try: Mama Mai's Pho

This Pho at Mama Mai's Noodles is filled with rice noodles, brisket, beef meatballs, rare thin slices of beef, and all added to a special pho broth. 

Point Market

Dish to Try: Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Rice Dish

At Point Market all rice dishes are served with cumbers, pickled carrots, Jasmine rice, beef broth & house sauce on the side!

Pho Ever 21

Dish to Try: Meatball Pho

This Pho at Pho Ever 21 is filled with delicious meatballs! For more flavor, pour some hoisin sauce on the side and dip your meatballs!

Green Tea Noodles and Oriental Cuisine

Dish to Try: Hawaiian Fried Rice

Green Tea Hawaiian fried rice is made with pineapple and coconut milk. Enough about pizza & pineapple, the real debate is if pineapple belongs in fried rice?!?

China Wok

Dish to Try: Spicy Jumbo Shrimp

China Wok uses just enough spice to enhance the flavor of the shrimp! This specialty is served with rice. Don't forget to check out their buffet with so many flavor-filled options. 


El Mezcal 

Dish to Try: The Perfect Enchiladas 

El Mezcal offers the perfect option if you like trying a little bit of everything! The enchiladas are stuffed with ground beef, shredded chicken, and cheese. Served on a bed of rice and smothered in their homemade cheese sauce.

Ranchito Perez Mexican Restaurant

Dish to Try:  Pollo Con Mole

Looking for something on the spicier side? Stop into Ranchito's for this traditional Mexican entree that is filled with grilled chicken with their authentic mole sauce (a homemade sauce containing peanuts) and served with rice and beans. 


Grazies Italian Grill

Dish to Try: Spicy Garlic

A rigatoni from Grazies that is tossed with chicken, basil, grilled mushrooms, red chilies, parmesan cheese, and garlic is a local favorite here in the Stevens Point Area!

Two Lakes Supper Club

Dish to Try: Famous Drunken Chicken

A tasty dish at Two Lakes is filled with chicken falling off the bone after being in a slow cooker filled with olive oil, garlic, sherry wine, sage, and tomatoes. Don't forget the side of mostaccioli with meat sauce comes along with it!


Dish to Try: Grilled Summer Squash Mezzelune

Muse at dinner time the chef creates unique house-made pasta daily. The grilled summer squash mezzelune is served with mozzarella, parmesan, creamy pistachio pesto, and cherry tomatoes, to top it all they add chili flakes.



Matsu Ya

Dish to Try: Spice Sushi Rolls

From traditional rolls to specialty rolls, Matsu Ya has so many options. Before ordering, always scope out the monthly specialty rolls or the popular rolls named after the Spice Girls, including the Scary Spice Roll. Of course, the traditional options are all available as well from California rolls to the Rainbow rolls, and so much more!

Tokyo Steakhouse

Dish to Try: Volcano Roll

Tokyo Steakhouse has a whole section for its special sushi rolls, the Volcano Roll has smoked salmon cucumber, cream cheese with grilled scallops, white tuna & chef's special sauce.


BroKogi Korean Fusion Restaurant

Dish to Try: Bibimbap

Known as the healthiest Korean Dish at BroKogi, Bibimbap has rice topped with a variety of veggies, and fried eggs, and to top it all off they add beef.

Local Flavor

Hilltop Pub & Grill

Dish to Try: The Spicy Midwestern

Looking for a juicy burger? You will be sure to find one at Hilltop with their specialty burgers but don't miss out on the Spicy Midwestern. Topped with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, and bacon, it is one to savor while in the Stevens Point Area.

PJ's at SentryWorld

Dish to Try: The Italian Hero

Known for some of the best local flavors, PJ's has some of the best wood-oven pizzas that you don't want to miss! The Italian Hero is topped with red wine marinara sauce, pepperoni, sausage, salami, green bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and pepperoncini. On top of that, they finish it with Parmesan and smoked Gouda. 

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