Quench your hunger (& thirst) with our guide to the best spots for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, dessert, and in-between! From the delicious crepes at Ruby Cafe to the Korean-inspired dishes at BroKogi, take a glimpse at some of the best places to eat in the Stevens Point Area to plan your next meal out. 

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Breakfast in the Stevens Point Area


Start your day at the Wooden Chair, a staple for breakfast in the Stevens Point Area. While their menu is stacked with sweet to savory, try the hard-to-pronounce (but delicious!) Brotomushepperasheese omelet. Or, opt for a short stack – with the Vegan Banana Pancakes from Wicked Willow or the sweet and salty Pecan Pancakes from the Rock-n-Roll Café. Other popular breakfast spots include Franny’s and Olympia. Must have coffee? Grab a cup at Zest Bakery & Coffeehouse, Emy J’s, and Ruby.




While Ruby Cafe is known for its flavorful & colorful coffee, including its popular maple latte, don’t overlook their crepes. Pick between the Carmel Apple Crepes and the Veggie Medely Crepe for a sweet or savory option. At Mikey’s along with classics like Cheese Curds, you’ll find Old Fashioned waffles and the delicious 1/2LB. Hangover Burger. For more, you can’t go wrong with chicken and waffles at Father Fats, with a mimosa – or head to brunch on the farm, at Lonely Oak Farms, held on Sundays from Mother’s Day to Halloween. 


Lunch in the Stevens Point Area


Get ready for a picture-perfect cheese pull at Arbuckles for their Italian Fries - a Stevens Point Area lunch staple - or grab lunch with a view, at PJ’s, just steps from the SentryWorld Golf course. Grab a delicious sandwich with bread made in-house at Main Grain Bakery. Don't forget to grab a loaf to-go on the way out. Or go spicy with lunch at El Mezcal


Unexpected Finds


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Dig into a comforting bowl of Pho at Mama Mai's or Point Market & Vietnamese Restaurant (and don't skip the Home mural by Midwest artist Xee Reiter).

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Up for a flavor adventure?! Check out Rookies Sports Pub for their creative pizza! Crab rangoon pizza and taco pizza are two of the standout options!

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While cheese curds will always have our hearts, amp up your appetizers at Wissota Chophouse with their adventurous options from bone marrow or the smoky bacon slab

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Take your taste buds on a trip with the new Korean Fusion Restaurant BroKogi with delicious staples like Honey Butter Chicken and Kimchi Fried Rice. 

Dinner in the Stevens Point Area


Looking for a place to grab dinner in the Stevens Point Area? If you’re in the mood for a traditional Wisconsin Supper Club check out the Sky Club, Two Lakes Supper Club, or Michele’s. The Wisconsin Fish Fry scene in the Stevens Point Area serves up some stiff competition – with fiercely loyal fans. Break away from the traditional, with a twist on the classics with Point After Pub’s fish Reuben, cajun catfish at Hiawatha, or the smelt fries at Rusty’s Backwater (with their infamous Bloody Mary on the side). Can’t wait until Friday? Check out Ambrosia's and Hilltop who serve it up daily. 




If you’re looking for where to get a drink in the Stevens Point Area, order a pint to fit your palate at Guu’s on Main, Mikey’s, or Rookies all with a penchant for local craft brews and impressive selections. Or, go straight to the source of local beer, wine, and spirit makers of the Central Wisconsin Craft Collective – drinking fireside at the barrel-aging giant Central Waters, sipping wine in hammock chairs at Sunset Point Winery, or grabbing a beer straight from the canning line at O’so.




Don’t be afraid to start with a sweet treat. Find great places for dessert in the Stevens Point Area by ordering a delicious pie at Cozy Kitchen or the Polonia Café - or by digging into the chocolate salted caramel parfait at Father Fats. Don't forget to grab a baked good to go from one of the area’s bakeries: Main Grain, Earthcrust (tucked in the Stevens Point Area Co-op), or Zest.


Still Hungry?

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