Looking for a true Wisconsin fishing experience? The Stevens Point Area provides anglers with a wide variety of native species, including nearly any gamefish. Surrounded by the pristine waters of the Tomorrow River and the meandering channels of the Wisconsin River, these secluded landscapes showcase the picturesque beauty of Central Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin River

The Wisconsin River acts as the lifeblood of the state as it cuts through the heart of Wisconsin. The Stevens Point flowage can provide a secluded experience for those willing to explore the many channels and sandbars created by the river. With a spirit for exploration, the Wisconsin River can provide anglers with memories that will last a lifetime.

Species: Musky, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Crappie, Perch, Etc...
Lures/Techniques: Hard-Bodied Rapalas, Nightcrawlers, Mepps Spinners
Good Seasons: Walleye in spring, Smallmouth in summer, Musky in fall
Access Areas: West River Road, Pioneer & Bukolt Park, Dubay Dam, County Road HH Boat Landing, Mouth of Plover River

Don't Have a Boat? No Problem!

You do not need specialized gear or a large watercraft to successfully fish the Wisconsin River, something that cannot be said of some other waterways within the state. For shore anglers, you can access the river below various dams south of town by driving along West River Drive.

Catfish Corridor

The catfish corridor is a little-known spot located just downstream of the Stevens Point dam. Anglers regularly catch catfish upwards of 20 inches in length. Access to the corridor can be found on Wisconsin Street and along West River Drive.

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Fly Fish the Tomorrow River

Once regarded as the fly-tying capital of the world, the Stevens Point Area offers many different fly-fishing opportunities, and the Tomorrow River is arguably one of the best in the state. For more fly fishing information check out Fall Line Outfitters, with their big selection of fly fishing equipment and fishing experts, you will be able to find exactly what you need.

Species: Brown Trout, Brook Trout
Lures/Techniques: Caddis nymph and San Juan worm flies, small streamers, small Rapalas and spinners
Good Seasons: Summer for the best hatches and early catch and release season for less fishing pressure
Access Areas: Richard Hemp Fishery Area, Welton Drive, Amherst Dam, Otto Road

What to Expect

Much of the shoreline is heavily forested, and the freestone nature of the stream lends itself to sharp river bends highlighted by tumbling rapids and large boulders. With over 60 miles of the stream not counting tributaries. For shore-bound anglers looking for trout, the Tomorrow River takes center stage.

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Additional Trout Fishing Opportunities

Besides the Tomorrow River, there are other trout fishing opportunities in the area that are worth dropping a line into. One of these opportunities is the irrigation ditches south of Stevens Point, they provide a unique Brook Trout fishery that is not found anywhere else within the state. The uniqueness and secluded nature of this ecosystem also produce a large number of trout that rival the best streams in the state.

Small Streams and Rivers in the Area

The Stevens Point area also offers some small, less pressured freestone streams that anglers can explore. Some of those streams within an hour of Stevens Point include the Little Wolf River, Radley & Flume Creek, and the Pine River located near Wild Rose.

Fishing on the Wisconsin River in the Stevens Point AreaPhoto by O & B Photo Co.

Map of Fishing Access Points

Want more?

There are so many more fishing opportunities in the Stevens Point Area. Explore the Portage County Lakes, one of the most popular to fish is Lake Dubay. Hungry for fish after spending the day catching them? Check out our Three to Try: Fish Fry. For more information, check out our Hook, Line & Sinker fishing guide and map.