The expansive Wisconsin River is home to multiple different flowages and lakes. In this guide, we explore the fishing opportunities of the Stevens Point Flowage. The flowage is home to walleyes, crappies, muskies and more. Get out and explore the variety of fishing on the Wisconsin River in the Stevens Point Area today! 


River Characteristics 

The Stevens Point Flowage is located between Lake DuBay and the city of Stevens Point. This Wisconsin River reservoir provides 3,900 acres of prime fishing water. The flowage contains a sand/gravel bottom with a rather extensive backwater area, which provides suitable habitat for several species of fish. Vegetation is rather sparse but the shallow backwaters do contain some sections of milfoil and pondweed. 

Note that water levels on the Wisconsin River can fluctuate quickly resulting in changing and dangerous conditions. Call 800-775-6404 for water conditions. Please use extreme caution. 


The abundant forage and diverse habitat of this flowage support a variety of fish species, some of which include:

  • Muskies - with realistic opportunities for 50-inchers
  • Walleyes - 28-30 inchers have been reported
  • Smallmouth bass - ranging up to 22 inches
  • Crappies - good population of 12-14 inchers
  • Channel catfish
  • Northern Pike
  • Bluegills

Photo credit: @ty_schelvan

Hot Spots 

The Wisconsin River directly below the Lake DuBay dam is noted for the spring walleye run. There is an excellent boat landing here but anglers can also find success by fishing from shore. The riprap area along Bukolt Park can also be productive for pre-spawn Walleyes. Other good spots for shore fishing are north of the Clark Street Bridge in downtown Stevens Point. Anglers with boats will find exploring the extensive backwater areas to be scenic, interesting, and challenging. 

Boat Landings 

There are three good public boat landings on the Stevens Point Flowage and they include:

  • Mid-Flowage: Landing on Hwy HH West about 5.5 miles outside of Stevens Point (handicap-accessible with plenty of parking).
  • Recommended landing: Bukolt Park (has a large dock and ample parking).
  • Additional landing: Pfiffner Park (small landing, parking for only a few vehicles).

Wisconsin River Fishing Tips 

In order for anglers to be successful, fishermen must cover lots of water searching for active fish. Rather than anchoring and restricting yourself to one spot, it is much more efficient to drift, slip or troll to find small pods of feeding fish. Productive areas include:

  • Rocky/gravel flats
  • Stump fields 
  • Adjacent to the channel
  • Subtle eddies
  • Shoreline wood 
  • Deeper holes in the 8-15 foot range

When fish are actively feeding, they are usually quite shallow and can be caught with live bait or artificial lures. 

Want More? 

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