Looking for the best trout fishing in the Stevens Point Area? We've got you covered with a roundup of some of the best rivers as well as tips and more. Grab your fishing pole and gear and head out for a day on one of the many trout streams in the Stevens Point Area. 

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Little Wolf River

The Little Wolf River is part of Portage County's inventory of trout streams. Just barely crossing the northwest corner of Portage County, the Little Wolf River provides refuge for brook and brown trout. 

Spring Creek

Spring Creek flows through the hills of southeastern Portage County and is a small groundwater-fed stream, which flows into the Tomorrow River. Brook trout would be the main fish to expect at the end of your line, but since Spring Creek is connected to the Tomorrow River, expect the possibility of hooking a brown trout. 

Tomorrow River

The Tomorrow River is Portage County's main trout stream and therefore, it gets a fair amount of fishing pressure. Located in eastern Portage County, it flows through the communities of Nelsonville and Amherst. Brook and brown trout are the main trout species found here. 

Cast Alert! Read the local fishing report from Fall Line for the inside scoop. 

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Trout Fishing Ditches

There are a handful of ditches in the area that was left behind many years ago when the farming boom hit southern Portage County. Vast areas of wetlands were drained for their fertile soils. Left behind, were 6 ditches that flow in a parallel fashion east to west. These ditches are fed by cool groundwater and nowadays provide a home for stocked Brook Trout. The ditches are not your typical trout streams but they do provide some fishing action. 

There are even more trout streams in the area and all can be found on the DNR's website. 

Trout Fishing Safety

Practice these CPR steps to give the fish you release their best chance of survival:

Don't play fish to exhaustion. Instead, use a landing net to bring fish under control before they're played out. 
Handle fish in the net. Grasp them across the back and head for a firm but gentle control. 
Turn fish belly up while removing hooks. This disorients fish momentarily, for easier, quicker handling. 
Don't remove swallowed hooks. Cut the line next to the fish's mouth.
Don't keep fish out of the water for more than 10-15 seconds. Fragile gills are damaged after that, especially in cold weather. 

Find more on rules and regulations for trout fishing in WI. 

Want More?

Looking for more fun on the water? Find additional fishing on Portage County Lakes or on the Biron Flowage of the Wisconsin River. Don't miss out on our additional resources like our guide to outdoor rentals and our fishing map (view online or order a copy). Then be sure to share your next adventure by including @stevenspointarea on Instagram or use #stevenspointarea

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