Need some ideas for your next food or drink adventure? Read ahead for 10 things to try, ranging anywhere from beer and cocktails to vegan finds and hidden gems. Then, get out to find your next favorite! 


Don't miss the Wisconsin collaboration between the Kringle (the state’s official pastry) and beer from O’so with the Kringle Monster. But, with a new brewery District 1, and favorites from the Point Brewery to McZ’s, there are plenty of local beers to sip as part of the Central Wisconsin Craft Collective.



Grapes have to be hearty to grow around these parts, but there are few varieties that make it look easy. Sip the Milky Way Marquette, a semi-sweet red made with locally grown Marquette grapes at Sunset Point Winery. Or, ask for a wine-tail to combine their wine to make a special blend just for you!



Head to Great Northern Distilling's mixology bar, where you’ll find a rotating list of original drinks worth a sip, including their version of the Old Fashioned, using Tapped Maple Syrup. For more, don’t skip the seasonal cocktails at Muse or Chef's Kitchen.



If you don’t think comfort food and vegan (including allergy-friendly) fit together, prepare to be surprised when you visit Wicked Willow. Go for their twist on Mac-n-Cheese, with a smooth and creamy cashew cream sauce, with mix-ins of your choice. Or, build your own burger, quesadilla or spring rolls to cater to your liking!



Diners are a cozy, home-like spot to grab a bite, and we always recommend starting with pie first! Be sure to try a famous pie at Cozy Kitchen or Polonia Café. Bikers love to head east from Stevens Point biking through the rural countryside, using the Polonia Café as their go-to pie spot. 



Get your farm-to-table fix at Adelante, a local food marketplace that is part coffee roastery and part community gathering space through Liberation Farmers. For more local finds, head straight to the source for brunch on the farm at Lonely Oak Farms, during the growing season. 


Hidden Gem

You’ll love this local spot, where menu items are often named after local residents that frequent it. The Watchman’s Gone is tucked out of the way, in a mostly residential neighborhood. While the menu changes often, you’ll find classic diner staples, with a twist, such as the Kimchi Ruebens to Walnut Patty Melts.


Fish Fry

There is no shortage of fish fry spots in the Stevens Point Area- it is Wisconsin after all! Voted as the #1 spot for a fish fry last year, don’t overlook Jordan Bar. Then, check out Point After where you can choose from beer-battered, seasoned & breaded, or pan-fried fish.


Dive Bars

Rub elbows with a mix of locals and students at establishments slinging drinks for years, like the Elbow Room, Joe’s Bar, Dollar Bill’s, Airport Bar, or Papa Joe’s. Inside you’ll find low priced drinks mixed with local lore and distinct decor.


Supper Club

Grab a seat at the bar, for a pre-dinner cocktail and take in the full supper club experience at Michele’s. Order the Apple Smoked Bacon and Horseradish Ribeye, or if you visit on Saturday, opt for the prime rib.


Want more?

For more food inspiration, read these blogs featuring the best diners in the Stevens Point Area or the area's best fish fries. Click here for more inspiration on local makers, or learn more about the Central Wisconsin Craft Collective! Be sure to tag @StevensPointArea and use #StevensPointArea on your Instagram photos for a chance to be featured!

Header image courtesy of @bull.jason from Point Brewery.