Looking for the best hidden beaches for summer fun? In the Stevens Point Area you'll find a few of the best spots hidden in plain view from the sandbars of the Wisconsin River to the shores of Lake DuBay. Learn more about where to find these hidden beaches and where to go afterward for the perfect summer day!

Maple Island Beach

In the Stevens Point Area, the Wisconsin River is a popular spot to spend a summer day. Along the section known as the Stevens Point flowage, you’ll find one of its best hidden beaches known as Maple Island Beach. The beach itself is a perfect spot for a summer day, as the sandbar provides access to park a boat (or canoe) and hang out on the shore or in the shallow water. Picnic, lounge in a chair, or play a game of volleyball with friends at this spot made for a summer day. Access this island beach, by using the Old U.S. 10 Boat Landing on the west side of the Wisconsin River.   

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Gilligan's Island Sandbar

Make another stop on the Wisconsin River - the Biron Flowage to be exact - at the Gilligan's Island Sandbar. Just like Maple Island Beach, it makes for a great spot to park the boat and spend the day lounging right on the water. Hit the beach by boat and use either the Galecke Park or Anchor Bay boat launches to get on the water. 

Want to spread out a bit further? The best part about the backwaters and sloughs of the Wisconsin River is that there are countless more spots if you’d prefer a bit more secluded beach spot all to yourself, too.


South Bay Beach

Spend time on this quiet, family-friendly beach on Lake DuBay. Located on the southeast side of the lake, most days you'll only find a few boats at the launch and not many people on the impressively expansive beach. This quaint beach is often overlooked due to the popular Tiki Beach close by - making this spot a great summer stop to relax. 

Find entertainment at the beach on Thursday nights with the Central Wisconsin Water Walkers ski show in the summer.

After the Beach

After exploring Maple Island Beach, you don’t want to leave the Stevens Point Area without checking out Belts’ Soft Serve or King Cone for a sweet treat. Belts’ has been an icon in the region since 1981, and is home to the formidable large cone (not for the faint of heart!). King Cone scoops up award-winning flavors, from lemon pie to salty caramel truffle, with more than 40 to choose from at any time in the case. 

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Want More?

Keep the summer fun rolling with our guide to 50 things to do this summer or our kid's guide to summer fun - and don't forget to find more swimming spots to make a splash in. While you're out soaking up the sun, be sure to tag us @StevensPointArea or by using #StevensPointArea on Instagram for a chance to be featured!