Experience the mental, physical, and social benefits of the community wood-fired Sauna, Nordic Night. Being open year-round, you can get your sauna on during any season. Read on to learn all about the experience and how to prepare.

Where to Find It?

Nordic Night is located right near downtown Stevens Point. When you arrive park on Union Street in between Centerpoint Drive and Portage Street, and check in at the Geodesic dome with your Sauna host.

Address1027 Union Street, Stevens Point
Phone: (715) 489-5361

Check out the benefits of Sauna

How to Prepare?

Never been to Nordic Night Sauna before? We’ve compiled a list of all the necessary things you’ll need to bring and things you should leave at home to be prepared to have the best experience!

  What to bring:
  • Arrive in your swimsuit (try to avoid metal clasps)

  • Sandals or slip on shoes

  • Water bottle

  • Towels

  • Robe

  • Hydrate before you arrive

What not to bring (inside the sauna):
  • Valuable items 

  • Food

  • Phones

  • Jewelry

  • Hair clips

Check out the benefits of Sauna!

What to Expect?

After arriving and meeting your host, you will enter the sauna and your host will give you recommendations as to how long you should stay inside as everyone responds differently. In between sessions, they have different options on cooling down ranging from dumping a cold bucket of water on your head, taking a cold shower, or just feeling the outside air. 

Note: The water features for cooling off are seasonal

What are the Benefits?

Considering checking out Nordic Night and wondering what the benefits of going to a Sauna are? Here are a few advantages to booking a session.

  • Lasting relaxation and stress relief
  • Reduction in depressive symptoms 
  • Boosted mood
  • Improved sleep
  • Boosted immune system 

How to Book?

Head over to Nordic Night's website and select the session you would like to book, then the date and time you'd like. They offer a few different options for sessions depending on what you're looking for. They offer a community sauna session, a signature community sauna session, and a private event sauna. Head to their website to learn more about each session!

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