Are you on the hunt for the best pasta in the Stevens Point Area? Look no further! In this guide we'll take you on a flavor-filled tour of the region's top pasta destinations, serving up classic, traditional, vegan, and even unexpected pasta creations that will tease your taste buds until you try them for yourself. From the hearty and flavorful Spaghetti Bolognese at Muse to the seafood-infused cannelloni at Grazies Italian Grill, our guide has something to satisfy every pasta craving. 

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Best Classic Pasta:


Get a taste of a classic pasta dish dining at Muse. Every day their chef creates unique hand-rolled pasta. It varies from light and thin to thick and hearty. We recommend trying the Spaghetti Bolognese. This spaghetti dish has a classic pork and beef sauce simply topped with fresh basil and parmesan, letting the pasta be the star.

Best Traditional Pasta:

Grazies Italian Grill

Grazies has a wide variety of delicious fresh from scratch pasta of all shapes, sizes, and flavors. With their extensive menu, it can be hard to choose a favorite, but we suggest the seafood cannelloni, where seafood and a delicious cream sauce pair for a perfect match. For more, check out their seasonal specials, such as the maple bacon butternut squash ravioli in the fall.


Best Hometown Favorite Pasta:


For an inspiring take on a traditional supper club, try Michele's! While they are known for their classic steaks, don't overlook their delicious pasta. Michele's offers a wide variety of options, including the Seafood Basciani. This flavorful dish is packed with shrimp, scallops, crab, romas, mushrooms, and linguini. 

Best Vegan Pasta:

Wicked Willow

Wicked Willow provides customers with tasty, locally sourced vegan options. This allergen-friendly location has an extensive menu packed with options, including vegan mac-n-cheese. They have four variations of their mac-n-cheese- all each equally delicious but we recommend trying the burger mac. It contains a homemade cheese sauce on pasta with ground impossible burger, tomato, onion, and dill pickles, topped with burger sauce.


Best Pasta and Fish Combo:

Silver Coach

Check out this classic Stevens Point Area restaurant, the Silver Coach, housed in a 1903 railroad car. We suggest ordering the Piri Piri Tuna with Pasta, piled high with blackened chunks of Sashimi yellowfin tuna seared with Piri Piri. Piri Piri is a flavorful combination of jalapeno, poblano, crushed red & cracked black pepper, garlic & olive oil. To top it off, the entire dish is then tossed with pasta!

Best Rice Noodle:

Mama Mai's Noodles

Mama Mai's Noodles is a hidden gem offering authentic Southeast Asian foods, including Hmong egg rolls, Pad Thai, bubble tea, and more. When you visit be sure to try their Pho. It is packed full of flavor with brisket, top sirloin, tripe, flank, or beef meatballs, and of course, noodles that absorb the many flavors in the bowl.


Best Pesto Dish:

Wooden Chair

Think that the Wooden Chair only does breakfast? Think again. Take a look at their lunch menu and try one of their tasty pasta dishes such as the chicken pesto pasta bowl. Filled with chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach pesto, and pasta, topped with parmesan cheese it is a must-try!

Best Unexpected Find:

Pho Ever 21

New to the Stevens Point Area- Pho Ever 21 has more than just Pho on its menu. They have a long list of timeless Asian cuisine with everything from red garlic rice and egg rolls to beef belly fries and pad thai. One dish we recommend in particular is the Garlic Noodles. The base is egg noodles cooked with butter, fresh garlic, and a secret sauce. It's then topped with parmesan and green onions. You can choose to add a protein like the shaken premium angus rib eye beef, shrimp, or the lobster special (which is meant for two people). 

Honorable Mentions

The Great 8 encompass some of the best pasta creations in the Stevens Point Area by category but we can't just stop there. Here are some more of our favorite pasta's. 

  • Two Lakes has a locally famous dish called the Drunken Chicken. The chicken is so tender it falls off the bone after being slowly cooked in olive oil, garlic, sherry wine, sage, and tomatoes. It is then served with mostaccioli- a variation of penne noodles with a smooth exterior topped with a hearty meat sauce.
  • Sky View Pasta is a family-owned business that creates handmade pasta from the freshest ingredients in Central Wisconsin. Their pasta can be found at the Stevens Point Area Winter Farmers Market. The flavors they carry vary with the season but some that rotate through are spinach, buttercup squash, beet, chard, potato, smoked pepper, and traditional. 
  • Matsu Ya is well known for their sushi but not everyone knows they also have a delicious udon noodle soup. This broth-based soup contains a thick udon noodle, topped with scallions and paired with another flavor of your choice such as chicken tempura, nabeyaki, tempura, or veggie. 


Hungry for more? 

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