The 27-mile Green Circle Trail in the Stevens Point Area connects some of central Wisconsin's most beautiful rivers, forests, parks, and natural areas. With an abundance of great photo opportunities along the trail, from boardwalks and bridges to towering pine trees and flowing streams, there's a handful of spots you just simply cannot miss! Check out these Insta-worthy spots on the Green Circle Trail in the Stevens Point Area that you not only have to see but are deserving of a snap and share!

Photo by Amanda Simons

Riverfront Views

If water backdrops are your thing, look no further. The Riverfront Trail, River Pines Trail, and Westside Loop provide excellent views of the Wisconsin River. East of the Wisconsin River you'll find Pfiffner Pioneer Park and Bukolt Park, both located on the Riverfront Trail. Get the camera ready for stunning photos of the river, especially during sunset!

View downtown Stevens Point from the west side of the Wisconsin River on the Westside Loop, which begins after you cross the Clark St. bridge. Find more scenic spots by heading north to Mead Park. 

Where to go: Each of these spots are in walking distance of Downtown Stevens Point. You can also find free parking at Pfiffner Park (1100 Crosby Ave., Stevens Point), Bukolt Park (100 Bukolt  Ave., Stevens Point), and Mead Park (1201 W Whitney St., Stevens Point). 

Towering Treetops

Get your wide-lens camera ready to capture towering white pines on the Moses Creek Trail segment of the Green Circle Trail. Meandering through Moses Creek, this segment offers bonus views since you'll have to walk the longest boardwalk to get here. 

Where to go: Park in the small lot at the Moses Creek Trailhead located on Wilshire Drive, one mile north of North Point Drive. 
Person on bike on Moses Creek TrailPhoto by @cassaundra06

Boardwalk Beauty

Capture stunning photos of rustic boardwalks framed by forests on the Moses Creek Trail, home of the longest boardwalk segment on the Green Circle Trail. A short drive down the road you'll find more boardwalk beauty on the University Trail which winds through the Schmeeckle Reserve, a 280-acre natural area.

Where to go: Access the Moses Creek Trail by parking in the small lot at the Moses Creek Trailhead located on Wilshire Drive, one mile north of North Point Drive. To view the University Trail, park at the  Schmeeckle Reserve Visitor Center (2419 North Point Dr., Stevens Point).

Rustic Bridge

Enjoy excellent views of the Plover River as you cross the longest footbridge on the Green Circle Trail. Explore more scenic spots as you stroll through Upper Whiting Park or adventure a bit further to Lower Whiting Park. Complete the loop by walking the north and south Whiting Park Loops. 

Where to go: This spot is easily accessible by parking at the turnaround on Cedar St. (599 W Cedar St., Stevens Point) or in Upper Whiting Park (301 W Cedar St., Stevens Point). 

Bridge across Plover river

Wildlife Sightings

The Green Circle Trail meanders through the Schmeeckle Reserve, a 280-acre natural conservancy area located on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus. This Insta-worthy trail segment, known as the University Trail, is home to numerous wildlife species. It's likely you'll see deer along the trail so have your phone or camera ready! Hike around the 24-acre Lake Joanis for a chance of spotting geese, ducks, or painted turtles. Great opportunities for birdwatching await in Schmeeckle Reserve, with a 218 species-bird list. 

Where to go: To access the University Trail, park at the Green Circle Trailhead located at the Schmeeckle Reserve Visitor Center (2419 North Point Dr., Stevens Point). 
Deer in Schmeeckle Reserve
Photo by @joe_riederer on Instagram

Hidden Art

Don't miss the opportunity to capture local art. Tucked under the Cty. Rd. HH bridge where the Westside Loop breaks off to cross the Wisconsin River, you'll find a mural of Cuban-American-French writer Anais Nin. Want more inspiration? Check out unique murals tucked in every corner of Portage County. 

Where to go: After parking in the small lot off of W. River Drive, walk approximately .3 miles of the Westside Loop segment across the Cty. Rd. HH bridge over the Wisconsin River. 

Mural Under Highway HH Bridge

Guides to the Green Circle Trail

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