Get artsy this autumn! Q Gallery Cooperative is hosting a show this season featuring six pieces by six diverse backgrounds. Want to know more? Read ahead for everything you need to know about this show!

1. This exhibition has been years in the making!

The group of six artists has been meeting once a month for several years to critique each other's work, with the premise of helping each other create better art, so this show is highly prepared for visitors!

Below is the piece "Deep Space" by Jane Barnard.

Six by Six Q Gallery Show 2018

2. This show combats the lonely business of art making. 

The artists of Six by Six collaborated to share, support, critique, and motivate one another. As featured artist Dan Sivek puts it, "the comments are often insightful, always honest, and have pushed my art to a higher level." 

Below is the piece "Pixie" by Dan Sivek. 

Six by Six Q Gallery Show 2018

3. You have a while to visit the show, but make sure not to miss it!

Six by Six will be open throughout the rest of September, through October, and will close on November 2nd-- make sure to visit before it ends!

Below is the piece "End of October" by Jody Beighley. 

Six by Six Q Gallery Show 2018

4. This art is local!

Each of the six artists is from throughout Central Wisconsin, thus helping to keep the local arts alive. Artists include: Dan Sivek, Kristie F. Cecil, Jane Barnard, CathyJean Clark, Jody Beighley, and John Davenport.

Below is the piece "Pilar" by John Davenport. 

Six by Six Q Gallery Show 2018

5. The work is diverse! 

Although most of the pieces in this show are nature-inspired, each of the six artists used different media to create their work, keeping each piece entirely unique!

Below is the piece "Midwest Milkweed Silk" by Cathy Jean Clark. 

Six by Six Q Gallery Show 2018

6. You and join Q Gallery too! 

Through a process of application and jury process, working artists can become Artist Members of Q Gallery, working by paying dues to cover expenses, working gallery hours, serving on committees, and participating in the running of the business. Additionally, if you are interested in joining or starting a group like the Six by Six artists, they would be happy to share their experiences! 

Below is the piece "Raptor Show at Desert Museum" by Kristie Cecil. 

Six by Six Q Gallery Show 2018

Looking for more? 

Look here for more arts events, or visit the Q Gallery Cooperative website for more shows and information!