Craving the zesty kick of a perfectly crafted bloody mary? Look no further! We set out a poll for the best bloody mary in the Stevens Point Area and compiled the top 5 votes into this guide. From traditional recipes to innovative twists, these establishments have mastered the art of the ultimate bloody mary. Get ready to raise your glass and taste the best bloody marys in town!


Header Photo by @reallybethomatic


Rusty's Backwater Saloon


Tucked away in Stevens Point, Rusty's Backwater Saloon is known around the state for its Bloody Marys. This drink has quite a reputation, and it's easy to see why. Watch the bartender whip up a few, as they pour in their house-made mix, pickle vodka, and add a hint of heat. Also be sure to get the extra toppings including cheese whips, pickles, and a beef stick!

Rustys Bloody mary 3x3


Jordan Bar and Grill


Toward the northeast end of Stevens Point, Jordan Bar and Grill is a fun little getaway for a night out. And while you're out, you don't want to miss their delicious award-winning Bloody Mary. This drink is garnished with olives, a big pickle, celery, and then pickled asparagus to add a unique yet delicious flavor.

3x3 Jordan Bar best bloody mary trophy
Photo by Jordan Bar & Grill


Point After Pub & Grill


Located in the heart of Stevens Point, Point After is a must-stop on your Bloody Mary list. Plus, this pub & grill offers many delicious food options sure to fill you up! Their savory Bloody Mary is served with a pickle, beef jerky, mushroom, and then it's topped with a lemon wedge. Yum! 

Point after Bloody 3x3


Final Score


Served with a pepper and a big pickle, Final Score makes a great bloody mary to accompany your taste buds as you watch the game. This sports bar has a TV in every direction you look, so you won't miss a thing while you dine in their fun and energetic atmosphere.

final score 3x3 bloody mary
Photo by Final Score


Partners Pub and Grill


As a very well-known spot around Stevens Point, Partners Pub and Grill has many tasty drinks - including their Bloody Mary. This drink is served with an olive, a big pickle, and a delicious bloody mix that is sure to leave you satisfied.

Partners Bloody 3x3
Photo by @abarrett83089

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