If you have ever been to O'so Brewing Company before, you understand the laid-back vibe they give. With the bar right as you walk in, to board games and picnic tables in the backroom, this is a brewery that has a great reputation. One mission that the O'so Brewery team has is to create delicious beers that Wisconsin drinkers have never tasted before, and that is a tough job. Here are three beers we suggest to those who believe they have tasted it all.  

Infectious Groove:

This is one of O'so Brewery's classic sour beers. Whether you're looking for a casual sit-down beer or something with a bit of a kick, Infectious Groove will suffice for both settings. The refreshing hint of lemon also adds the tart acidity that everyone looks for in a sour beer. One thing that this beer for sure does is it dries your mouth enough that you need to go back for another sip.

Night Rain:

Being a Porter, you would assume that Night Rain would be on the bitter side. On the contrary, Night Rain not only has a refreshing taste but a smooth finish. Being an Oatmeal Porter, with Munich malts mixed in, you cannot go wrong with this delicious flavor. 

The Big O:

Awarded the Great American Beer Festival Gold Medalist in the Fall of 2015, this helped put O'so Brewing Company on the map. This American Wheat Ale is kind of a Big deal and, personally, one of their best beers. With the combination of both orange zest and malted wheat, The Big O satisfies all your taste buds. It's a crisp beer, but so refreshing with the orange flavor that it will leave you wanting more after the final drop. 

Looking for something a bit more bold? Check out the new winter releases, including Grandpa's Got a Gun (a barrel aged Maple sap Strong ale) or the barrel aged Liquid Soul (Bourbon-aged Imperial Stout).

O'so Brewing Company has 40 beers on tap, ready to taste and sample. Grab a full pour or only a sample. Learn more about O'so here.