Plover to Amherst: Begin at Little Plover River Park. Follow the bike path north along Hoover .4 miles to Porter Road. Turn right on Porter Road/5th Street, continue 3 miles on Porter Road/5th Street, turn right on Bluff Road, follow Bluff 1 mile, turn left on 4th Street, continue 2 miles on 4th Street, turn right on Custer Road, continue 2.2 miles south on Custer Road, turn left on Standing Rocks Road, continue 6 miles on Standing Rocks Road which becomes Fountain Grove Road, take a left on County Road Q, continue 1.1 miles on County Road Q, turn right on Packer Avenue, continue 1.4 miles on Packer Avenue, cross County Road KK and you will be on  Main Street in the Village of Amherst, continue 1.5 miles on Main Street which becomes School Street, turn right on Alm Road, continue 1.7 miles on Alm Road, turn right on County Road Q, continue 1.6 miles on County Road Q through the Village of Nelsonville, turn left on State Hwy 161, continue .3 miles on State Hwy 161, turn right on Rolling Hills Road, continue 5.7 miles on Rolling Hills Road, take a left on County Road K continue 3 miles on County Road K passing through the Village of Custer where County Road K becomes Custer Road, turn right on 5th Street, continue 5 miles on 5th Street which turns into Porter Road, turn left on Hoover, continue .4 miles on Hoover Avenue back to Little Plover River Park. This loop is approximately 36.3 miles and offers some hills. Good for the intermediate rider. Insider Tip: Clancy’s in Custer, Rising Star Mill in Nelsonville, Downtown Amherst