Adams Lake - Waterway

  • 8117 Lake Road
  • Stockton, WI 54406
  • (715) 346-1433
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  • Nestled in the rolling hills near Amherst lies Adams Lake. This lake is somewhat developed with homes and cabins spread out around the shoreline. On the east end of the lake, the clear water is shallow and weeds emerge from the lake bottom providing refuge for large mouth bass and pan fish. However, the rest of the lake is deep and reaches a maximum depth of 51 feet. Trout roam the open water which chase schools of small bait fish. The boat landing is small and there is only parking along the road. No shoreline fishing is available except by the landing.
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    • Acreage: 28
    • Common Species of Fish :
      • Bass
      • Panfish
      • Trout
    • Maximum Depth: 44
    • Shoreline Fishing: Yes, with restrictions
    • Shoreline Fishing Restrictions: Only by boat landing