Each year, there is an event that seeks to challenge the minds and endurance of all who dare to play in the Stevens Point Area. Hosted by 90fm, UWSP's student-run radio station, Trivia (The World's Largest)  is a 54-hour straight contest taking place April 12th to the 14th that keeps players searching for answers. Think you have what it takes? Read ahead for tips on how to survive and thrive at this one-of-a-kind event.


The Culture

Some describe it as dorky, others as the best time of the year. For some it's a contest with strict rules, for others, it's a reunion packed with fun. Some teams allow no alcohol and have particular schedules, while others treat it as a party to not be taken too seriously. However you decide to play, Trivia captivates players from young to old to play year after year. While it is a contest, most teams don't play to win and instead focus on the spirit of the World's Largest Trivia Contest. This event, described as total chaos, silly, crazy, and much more all at once, is said to "take over your life", but in the best way possible. Like many people in the Stevens Point Area, start counting down to Trivia weekend! 

Need to Know

Although Trivia means so many things to so many different people, there are a few things that are consistent! For instance, Trivia kicks off with a parade held on the Friday night of the contest starting at 4:00 pm, taking participants around the UWSP campus to get pumped for a full weekend ahead. Then, the contest hits the airwaves at 6pm. Over the next 54 hours, more than 400 questions are read, in which players typically have two song lengths to answer. Apart from regular questions, which are read on the air, there are two running questions, three music questions (with eight songs each), and the Trivia Stone. The Trivia Stone, which is a part scavenger hunt and part riddle, takes teams throughout the town with a series of clues. 

Want the full details? Check them out here.

Insider Tips

Whether your team is large or small, well-known or unheard of, participating in the World's Largest Trivia Contest is a challenge! To stay awake, healthy, and energized, here are some insider tips from Trivia experts to make this experience the best it can be:

Don't be a hero!

Your teams need to be awake for the contest, but not everyone at once. Grab a nap and sleep when you can.

Snacks are a must! 

Gather your favorite foods, and have them ready for the weekend. Some teams have signature dishes and drinks to make it through! If you're playing in the Stevens Point Area - visit local places like the Stevens Point Coop for energy-packed foods that make your brain and stomach full and ready for question after question. 

Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine! 

Playing Trivia is not the time to feel sleepy. Stay on top of your game and find the best way to stay awake. Many teams have their own go-tos from coffee to soda to Water Joe. 

Need more tips on rules? Check out the 90FM Trivia homepage.

Year-Round Fix

Trivia doesn't have to end with the final "phones down in the back"! For daily Trivia questions to stay sharp, check out the Trivia's Facebook page. More information on the spirit and culture of the contest can be found in the TriviaTown documentary. 

Want more? 

Learn all the details to join the fun on the Trivia homepage. In the meantime, check out more Stevens Point Area events. Then, join the fun and be sure to tag @StevensPointArea and use #StevensPointArea on your Instagram photos for a chance to be featured!

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