Explore local flavor and local makers in this post about sweet sips in the Stevens Point Area. Read on to learn more about one of the region's local businesses, Siren Shrub

What's a Shrub?

Siren Shrubs are a concentrate best served as an accompaniment to sparkling water, splashed into your favorite cocktail or mocktail, simply added to water, or poured and sipped over ice. They can elevate dishes and add a deeper flavor content while cooking, for every course. Siren Shrubs highlight the essence of fruits and herbs picked at the peak of the season. They are combined with organic cane sugar or maple syrup and organic apple cider vinegar to create a shrub. 

The best part? Shrubs are suitable for all ages.

The women at the helm, founders Layne and Mindy, built a friendship around being makers in a community space that merged their love for community and local food. Exploring cooking, canning, fermenting, and eventually creating shrubs - the duo first started crafting their take on what would become Siren Shrub in 2015. The rest, as they say, is history.   

Local Flavor

In every one of Siren's products, you'll find at least one Wisconsin ingredient. By collaborating with other Wisconsin growers and producers including Tapped Maple Syrup and Whitefeather Organics, Siren Shrub is able to perfect every recipe. In fact, their emphasis on collaboration with Wisconsin farms, won the company the “Innovative Local Sourcing” award at Feast Local Foods Marketplace in Minnesota in 2019.

Learn more about Siren Shrub's ingredient sourcing and copacking partnerships here.

Where to Find Shrubs?

Siren Shrub, in collaboration with Tapped Maple Syrup and Top Note Tonic, is now offering Zero-Proof Cocktail Kits for purchase. The kits, which include four varieties, bring life to delicious and imaginative sips chocked full of flavor. For more inspiration - check out 'Cocktails in Place' featuring cocktail and mocktail recipes to recreate at home. 

COMING SOON: Siren Shrub is experimenting with a test run of Tart Cherry Sparkling Shrub. This refreshing drink in a can be enjoyed on its own - or used as a cocktail mixer. 

Want to try these tasty shrubs outside of your house? In the Stevens Point Area you'll find Siren Shrub on the menu at Father FatsGuu's on Main, Main Grain Bakery, O'Brien's on Main, and Mission Coffee House. Or, if you want to bring your shrubs to-go, head to the Stevens Point Area Co-Op, Ruby, Village Hive, and Agora Local Makers Market.

Find a full list of local businesses that sell Siren Shrub products here.

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