Get ready for an adventure, a geocaching adventure to be exact! Read ahead for everything you need to know about Sculpture Quest, the newest arts, family, community, and recreation experience in the Stevens Point Area. 

What is it?

Sculpture Quest is a first-of-its-kind geocaching sculpture search. The idea behind Sculpture Quest is to get trekkers of all ages and abilities out and about throughout Portage County to find small iron sculptures hidden in nature. The best part? There are lots of sculptures already placed, and several more that have yet to be created, with nine planned in total. 

Join the fun!

1. Grab your GPS device or GPS-enabled mobile phone, and be sure to write down or take a picture of the coordinates for each location. You can find these coordinates on the Sculpture Quest website created by CREATE Portage County

2. Gather your friends and family for an adventure, and be sure to dress for the weather you choose to adventure in!

3. Follow the coordinates to each location, and bring sharp eyes! Artists have used iron, one of the Earth's basic elements, so the art would fit in with its natural elements. 

4. Take a photo with your discovery! Then, post your photo on Instagram using #pocosculpturequest to share with others and see other's finds.  

Want more?

Looking for more sculptures? Don't miss the popular Stevens Point Sculpture Park to explore a trail dotted with one-of-a-kind sculptures from regional, national and international artists. Find more ways to enjoy the arts & culture activities in the Stevens Point Area here

Header image courtesy the CREATE Portage County Instagram.