Meet all of the good boys (and girls) with our guide to the #DogsofInstagram in the Stevens Point Area. Get to know these local four-legged celebrities - as well as their favorite dog-friendly activities, then head out with your four-legged friend to explore the region for yourself!

Header Photo courtesy @cheeseburger.randy

Meet Arlo

Instagram: @arlo__the_cocker
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Where to find them: Standing Rocks Dog Park
Favorite Snack: Carrots🥕

Arlo is a two-year-old Cocker Spaniel who loves playing with his favorite stuffed animal fox🦊. Arlo is a bit shy but that doesn't stop him from being spoiled with treats by the stores in Downtown Stevens Point. His next favorite place in the Stevens Point area is the Standing Rocks Dog Park where he can run around and then find a mud puddle to roll in. Arlo's other hobbies include hiking, camping, and snacking on carrots.

Meet Phoebe

Instagram: @queenofpheebs
Breed: Red Heeler👑
Where to find them: Stevens Point Dog Park
Favorite Snack: Freeze dried chicken hearts🐔

Phoebe is a spunky girl that just wants to have some fun. She loves to play fetch with her Chuckit! flying squirrel toy - even though she only catches it about half the time. Her absolute favorite toys are her basketball and soccer ball that she will herd around the yard all day if you let her. She also loves to visit the Stevens Point Dog Park where she can run freely and play with her friend Penny. Although an energetic gal, when Phoebe's day is over she will not hesitate to snuggle up on the couch for the rest of the night.

Meet Randy

Instagram: @cheeseburger.randy
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Where to find them: Companion Shop
Favorite Snack: local snacks from the Companion Shop

Randy is an Australian Cattle Dog who is crazy for cheeseburgers🍔 and loves taking his favorite cheeseburger toy on adventures around the Stevens Point Area. Randy and his pet parent, Michelle, like to take long walks that end with getting snacks downtown at the Companion Shop. Randy is excited for this long winter to be over so that he can finally visit the Stevens Point Farmers Market and attend live music at the square.

Meet Boomer

Instagram: @its_boomerboy
Breed: English Golden Retriever
Where to find them: Green Circle Trail
Favorite Snack: Dehydrated sweet potatoes🥔 and bananas🍌, though he'll never turn down peanut butter!

Boomer is an English Golden Retriever who loves snacking on dehydrated sweet potatoes and bananas. Boomer was born in Utah and enjoys playing with his puppy toy he got at the airport when his puppy parents picked him up. His favorite places in the Stevens Point Area are Belt's, the Companion Shop, the Green Circle Trail, and dog parks in the area!

Meet Fonzi

Instagram: @fonzithecavie
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Where to find them: Belt's Soft Serve
Favorite Snack: anything with peanut butter🥜

Fonzi is a three-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel whose favorite toy is his stuffed chicken. He enjoys snacking on peanut butter treats, cuddling with his owner, and playing with his friends. Fonzi loves taking long walks and stopping at Belt's along the way for a little treat!

Meet Violet

Instagram: @violetvmeisterv
Breed: Beagle/Terrier Mix
Where to find them: Main Grain Bakery
Favorite Snack: Crunching the ends of carrots, apples, and beets

Violet went from being a stray on the streets of Weyauwega to living the good life with her adopted family in the Stevens Point Area. She loves to snuggle but is feisty with lots of personality (and if she were a human, she'd sound like Marge Simpson's sisters - Patty and Thelma, according to her owners). More interested in making human friends than dog friends, you can spot Violet exploring the Stevens Point Area letting her nose lead the way! After sniffing around for the next best path, she enjoys barking at the ducks and geese along the Wisconsin River before a stop at the Companion Shop or Belts

Meet Hailey

Instagram: @hailey.the.turf.mutt
Breed: Supermutt 🦸 (Lab/Aussie Shepherd/Ridgeback/Chow Chow/Great Pyrenese and a mix of others)
Where to find them: Wisconsin River Golf Course
Favorite Snack: Cheese🧀 and Hot Dogs🌭

Hailey is a full-time working dog, head of goose control at the Wisconsin River Golf Club. She will never turn down her favorite snacks, which are cheese and hot dogs. Hailey will always play with any toy that squeaks - and loves to make friends with other dogs wherever she goes. You'll find her watching her animal friends, including squirrels and rabbits, or playing in the snow. She is happiest when avoiding thunderstorms, fireworks and the vet. 

Meet Polka & Winston

Instagram: @corgioncampus
Breed: Polka is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi & Winston is a Jack Russel mix
Where to find them: Iverson Park (and the Green Circle Trail)
Favorite Snack: Polka ❤️'s bagels and Winston ❤️'s ANY food

Behind @corgioncampus, you'll find the loveable pups Polka and Winston. Polka loves her tug rope and her favorite thing to do is eat bagels in the morning. Winston has never met a food he doesn't want you to share and he has an affinity for all things that squeak! This pair used to be a staple exploring the region and it's trails (and watching wildlife and the scenery) while their owner was pursuing a degree at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. While they have moved to their next new adventure in Minnesota, they still have love for the Stevens Point Area! 


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