Fun Seeker

You are the life of the party and a carefree, vibrant atmosphere is your comfort zone. It's no surprise that on a weekend getaway you gravitate toward community eventsfestivals and anything outside the box.

Day One

Day Two

  • Blow off extra energy with hours of playtime at K.A.S.H. Playground in Mead Park.
  • Stop by Great Northern Distilling to taste spirits crafted from local ingredients. Or visit Central Waters Brewing, Wisconsin’s first green-powered brewery, run with over 1,000 square feet of solar panels.
  • The Stevens Point Area plays host to fun and funky events, including 90FM Trivia (Apr.), Portage County Cultural Festival (May), MREA Renewable Energy Fair (June), Celebrate Plover (July), Paddle Quest (Aug.), Art in the Park (Sept.) and Central Waters River Run (Oct.). View our Calendar of Events for a full list.
  • Bring the fun outdoors with a high tech scavenger hunt – try your hand at geocaching. For an hour-long excursion, head to Lower Whiting Park for a three-part cache called Down By the Old Mill Pond.

Day Three