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    The Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) allocates a percentage of its room tax revenue for the development, enhancement or expansion of visitor attractions and amenities through a tourism development grant fund.

    Room tax revenue, fueled by overnight stays in the Stevens Point Area, sustain this grant fund. 

    General Funding Considerations

    The Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau accepts grant applications for one-time costs related to the development or expansion of Stevens Point Area visitor attractions and amenities, in accordance with the Wisconsin State Statute 66.0615.

    Grants are intended to fund projects for a single time, and not for repeat or annual requests.

    Applicable Projects

    Projects that are funded under this program include the items below. A full list of applicable project definitions can be found at the bottom of this page. 

    Capital Projects

    1. New capital construction projects
    2. Upgrades, enhancements, expansions to existing facilities
    3. Permanent exhibit installations

    Special Projects

    1. New or expanded exhibitions or events
    2. Signage (Wayfinding, On-site Attraction, Visitor Information Kiosk)


    When considering an application for a Stevens Point Area Tourism Development Grant, the Grants Committee ranks applications on the following criteria:

    Tourism Impact Criteria

    • Is this project consistent with the Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau priorities and objectives or does it support the area brand?
    • Is the project interactive? Is it unique? What type of experience does it provide for the visitor?
    • Is this a new visitor attraction, or is it a substantial expansion of an existing attraction?
    • Is it open to the public?
    • Is it open year-round or at least 180 days a year?
    • Will it be available after 6 p.m. or on Sundays?
    • Will it serve a substantial number of overnight visitors? Will it generate hotel room nights? How many?
    • Will it provide a positive economic impact on the community?
    • Will it contribute to our ability to attract visitors and improve overall tourism assets in the Stevens Point Area?
    • Will this project be covered by media, and/or will the Stevens Point Area CVB be publicly recognized for participation or support?

    Operational Criteria

    • Is it located within the Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Service Area, including all of Portage County?
    • Does the organization have not-for-profit status or is it a government entity?
    • Is this a “bricks and mortar” project?
    • The project is the result of a planning process that has had public involvement? Do others in the community understand and support the project?
    • Have the other funds necessary to the project already been raised, or are there well-developed plans for raising them?
    • Is there a solid plan to fund the project, ongoing operating costs and maintenance?
    • Is there a sustainable business plan, including marketing details?
    • Is there an established management/staffing structure for the project?

    Grant Eligibility 

    To be eligible, applicants must be a not-for-profit or a unit of government. Applicants must also be located within the Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau service area. Privately owned for-profit businesses are not eligible.

    The Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Tourism Development Fund gives grants for the development of visitor attractions and amenities. The grant will NOT support any of the following purposes:

    • Existing festivals and events, unless the high profile event can demonstrate a significant visitor draw from outside a 100-mile radius
    • Feasibility studies
    • Equipment purchases
    • Operating expenses
    • Annual fund drives
    • Endowment funds
    • Reimbursement for previously incurred expenses
    • Marketing or research
    • Travel
    • Expenses typically considered to be overhead

    Funds Available

    • The CVB’s Tourism Development grant will not be more than 50% of the total project cost.
    • Project cash match can come from the operating budget, or may be secured from other grants, donors, sponsors, or other sources.
    • Grant funds may not be spent on local marketing or for operational costs that would be incurred even without the project.

    Payment of Grants

    • New and upgraded capital projects and permanent exhibit grants will be paid upon documented completion of the project or per a specific payment schedule outlined in the grant application.
    • Exhibits and Events grant recipients will receive 70% of the funds when needed to pay for exhibit costs. The remaining 30% will be paid after the exhibit or event is over and a post-exhibit/event report has been submitted to the Tourism Development Committee.

    Tourism Development Grants must supplement, not replace, existing state, federal and local financial commitments.

    Application Deadlines

    • September 1, December 1, March 1, June 1 .


    Every grant application will be considered on its own merits and it is within the Grant Committee’s authority to approve or deny any grant for any reason, in accordance with the Wisconsin State Statute 66.0615.



    Applicable Project Definitions

    New Capital Projects
    This category is for bricks and mortar projects. Funds can be used for:
    a.    Real estate acquisition
    b.    Construction
    c.    Architectural and engineering costs

    Upgrades, Enhancements and/or Expansions to existing facilities
    This category is for bricks and mortar project. Funds can be used for:
    a.    Real estate acquisition
    b.    Construction
    c.    Architectural and engineering costs

    Permanent Exhibit Installations

    Funds can be used to establish exhibits that may stay for a period of months or years but will continue to be large tourism magnets or have the potential to generate long-term publicity, bringing new visitors into the area. Generally, these exhibits will be unique to the area or showcase something unique about the area. 

    Exhibitions or Events

    Funds can be used for new high profile temporary exhibits or events that can draw significant visitors from outside a 100-mile radius. Exhibits or events considered for funding under this program will meet the following criteria:

    • Exhibits will be installed in the Stevens Point Area for a period of no less than 8 weeks and preferably 12 weeks or more.
    • They will generally be exhibits that are not available elsewhere in Wisconsin.
    • Events must occur within Portage County.
    • Events, if a single day, must demonstrate a large overnight draw to be considered. 
    • Exhibits and events should be large and exciting enough to attract visitors from at least 100 miles away and have the potential to generate overnight stays in the Stevens Point Area.
    • Exhibits and events need to generate media attention in the Stevens Point Area and beyond.
    • Exhibits and events will be hosted by one or more not-for-profit organizations with adequate personnel and resources to:
      • market the exhibit or event outside the region
      • present the exhibit or event attractively
      • ensure a positive visitor experience
      • Exhibit or event organizer has formed partnerships with one or more other tourism businesses to provide a larger visitor experience.

    Preference will be given to new and unique events or the substantial expansion of existing events.