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    How to Apply

    Step 1: Review the Guidelines

    Before starting the application process, review the details and guidelines for the grant.

    Step 2: Discuss the potential grant project 

    Schedule a meeting with Sara Brish, to go over the project details and make sure it is a good fit, before moving forward with the application process.

    Step 3: Create an Account

    New users must first register by clicking “Create New Account” on the grant log-in page.

    Registration contains four sections: organization information, individual user information, executive officer information, choosing individual user password.

    Step 4: Complete Online Grant Application

    Please be aware, grants are reviewed quarterly. Deadlines are: December 1, March 1, June 1 and September 1.

    Step 5: Review Process

    All grant applications will be reviewed based on tourism and operational criteria by the Tourism Development Committee. During this process, you may be contacted for more information.

    Step 6: Grant Decisions Are Made

    You will be notified by email if your organization received funding, or if funding has been denied.

    Helpful Hints

    Read a step-by-step tutorial or watch a helpful video on the grant system here. 

    It is recommended that you view the grant site using Google Chrome or Safari for the best experience. 

    Grant applications can be started and saved as a draft. You can return to finish your grant when convenient for you, before the deadline.

    Need more help? Contact our office at 715-344-2556.