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    To support the tourism industry in the Stevens Point Area, the tourism development grant was established by the Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.

    All projects must contribute to the ability to attract visitors and improve overall tourism assets in the Stevens Point Area, in Portage County, Wisconsin. Each grant will be reviewed based on tourism and operational criteria. Grant funds are provided quarterly by the Stevens Point Area Tourism Development Committee. Application deadlines are September 1, December 1, March 1, and June 1. 

    NOTE: Due to COVID, the grant program has been temporarily suspended. Please check back for updates.

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    What internet browser do you recommend using?: Google Chrome 14 and Safari 4 or higher are the recommended browsers. Internet Explorer and Firefox work, but you might encounter some technical issues, so we do not recommend them.

    Can I apply for this grant for more than one organization?: Each individual user is linked with the single organization they registered with in the beginning. If you would like to apply for the grant with a different organization, you must make a separate account for that organization.

    Do I have to finish my application all at one time?: No, you do not need to finish your application all in one go. There is a “Save as Draft” button. It is recommended you continuously save your application after every question you answer. Make sure you also save your application right before you log out. As a best practice, we recommend that you keep your application answers in a Word document.