Wonder Women Breaking Glass Ceilings: Inviting Loyalty, Limiting Backlash

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  • Be a stronger leader without working twice as hard. The people you work with fall into three groups:

    • With you
    • Against you
    • Waiting for an invite

    People in the waiting for an invite group could go either way. Increase your loyal followers using with you invites. Inviting loyalty decreases the number of people in the against you group, limiting backlash based on gender.

    William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman to break stereotypes about women. He also created the DISC behavior theory, which can break stereotypes about people in general. Become a stronger leader by using Marston’s DISC theory to break stereotypes about women leaders.
    Basing with you invites on DISC behavior style needs will make loyalty more likely. Increased numbers of loyal followers will make leading easier.

    Prepare for the workshop by reading Your Wonder Women Tiara (6 pages) on the Girl Grit page at speakingfromtriumph.com. This workshop starts where the reading ends. Send questions about the reading material to success@speakingfromtriumph.com before the workshop. Knowing the questions ahead of time will give Paula the ability to reserve the maximum time possible for developing strategies.

    Choose a waiting for an invite relationship for inviting loyalty and limiting backlash.

    Bring a laptop or tablet as well as a notebook and pen. Transformation Trainer Paula Kramer will walk you through her free online resources for developing with you invites.

    See the Girl Grit page at speakingfromtriumph.com for Paula Kramer’s radio interview:
    “It Takes Girl Grit To End Girl Growls”
    Ending girl growls is essential for inviting loyalty and limiting backlash

Wonder Women Breaking Glass Ceilings: Inviting Loyalty, Limiting Backlash