The Power Of Workplace Gossip: Good, Bad, & Ugly

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  • Talk about people is gossip — good, bad, and ugly.

    • Good gossip builds cooperation by opening doors.
    • Bad gossip encourages rivalries by closing doors.
    • Ugly gossip destroys relationships by slamming doors.
    Slammed door relationships are the ones most likely to lead to workplace violence, even when the potential attacker is the only person slamming doors. Good gossip strategies can create a safer workplace and lead to unforeseen benefits.

    Prepare for the workshop by reading Gossip Power (4 pages) on the Gossip Power page at You’ll see that men gossip, too. This workshop starts where the reading ends. Send questions about the reading material to before the workshop. Knowing the questions ahead of time will give Paula the ability to reserve the maximum time possible for developing strategies.

    Choose the good gossip strategies you want to work on:

    • Disrupting a bad and ugly gossip cell
    • Discouraging and short-circuiting a bad and ugly gossiper

    Bring a laptop or tablet as well as a notebook and pen. Transformation Trainer Paula Kramer will walk you through her free online resources for developing good gossip strategies.

The Power Of Workplace Gossip: Good, Bad, & Ugly