Tae and Gen at Main Street Taps

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  • Born and raised in Green Bay, WI, Tae is an original artist breaking out of the locale to bring her voice to the world. With many words to say and stories to tell, Tae’s work stands as a force to inspire social change and bring awareness to listeners about the dynamics of the world, ranging from the largest of scales to much more focused ideas; such as human emotion.
    Everything is created with nothing but soul and power.

    Tae is typically a solo act with guitar and vocals. As an original artist, many of her works are in the directions of R&B, soul, rock and pop.

    2019 is finally the beginning of Tae releasing singles, recording her first full album, releasing the first of Tae merchandise, and bringing her music on the road.

    Find out more at www.taemusic.com!

    Genevieve Heyward is an indie-pop & folk artist from Wisconsin with a vocal range as dynamic as her personality. She released her debut album, "It's Not Like Anyone's Listening", in 2017. Genevieve actively tours the US, both as a solo artist and in side-projects. She plans on releasing her sophomore album in the year of 2019.

Tae and Gen at Main Street Taps