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Switcholio Crew Cup

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  • The first event of its kind in Wisconsin! We bring to you the first ever Switcholio Crew Cup!

    FORMAT: You will sign up in pairs of TWO (just like a regular doubles tournament - you bring your own partner). You are ALWAYS going to play with the partner you sign up with. Yourself and your partner are going to paired up with another random set of partners. You will be paired with a new set of partners for 4 round robin games. The round robin games determine the standings based off of total points scored. From there the entire group will be split in half and the #1 ranked partners will be paired with #13, #2 with #14, #3 with #15, so on and so forth. These will be your pairings for the double elimination bracket.
    This ONLY works when we have multiples of 4 signed up. So, for example, if we have 18 teams signed up, only the first 16 get to play. The remaining two teams need to wait until we get to 20 teams signed up.
    COST AND PAYOUTS: Cost is $40 per set of partners with $900 in payouts, based off of 24 teams.
    RULES: This will follow ACL/ACO rules. Players can bring their own bags.
    SIGN-UPS: Use this Scoreholio link to register your team
Switcholio Crew Cup