Spring Bounce 2022

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  • Friday, May 20 at 12PM to Saturday, May 22 at 5PM

    Over the course of three days, players explore the local community of Stevens Point seeking correct responses to multiple-choice items in a Playguide. Some items require players to visit local businesses, parks, and secret locations. Minigames and side-quests provide a little extra depth. There will be door prizes and placement prizes for each destination range. Team tickets are $15 and cover up to 8 people.

    Seven Basics of Spring Bounce 2022:
    1. Participants receive game direction through the “Playguide.” The Playguide is a digital or paper-copy form containing multiple choice items.
    2. Some Playguide items may require visiting a local business or Stevens Point hotspots. Businesses will have something special for Bounce Players.
    3. Playguide items are organized by challenge level, and distance from downtown Stevens Point.
    4. Players can respond to Playguide items in any order, using any resource, at any time during the event.
    5. Responses to items in the digital Playguide instantly save if connected to wifi or data. Paper copies are also available.
    6. Responses can be changed any time before submitting.
    7. Paper copy responses can be turned in at CWCM before event close, or transferred to the digital form and then submitted electronically.

    Spring Bounce is broken into 4 “Ranges.” Ranges are based on distance from the Downtown Stevens Point Area. Players can use any mode of transportation at any time to get around. Ranges just help break the Playguide into sections.
    1. Walk Range- within the Greater Downtown area.
    2. Bike Range- just outside the Greater Downtown area.
    3. Drive Range- generally further than biking, but within Stevens Point.
    4. Brain Range- there is no spoon. Thinking is all that’s required. (And maybe an internet connection.)

    Register for Spring Bounce 2022 here

    Know a business that wants to support this event and have increased foot-traffic at their location or website? They are welcome to fill out the Sponsorship and Partnership Form by May 1st. Or click here to view a the Spring Bounce 2022 Partnership/Sponsorship Form.

    Thank you for Playing!

Spring Bounce 2022
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  • Stevens Point
  • $15 per team, up to 8 people per team
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