Microbiology for Brewers

  • Presented By: UW-Stevens Point Continuing Education
  • Dates: 11/17/2018, 11/18/2018
  • Location: UW-Stevens Point Trainer Natural Resource Building
  • Address: 2100 Main Street, Old Main 032, Stevens Point, WI 54481
  • Phone: (715) 346-3838
  • Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Price: $299 for 1.5 day workshop
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  • For commercial brewers and home brewers! Join Terese Barta, Ph.D and brewers from across the United States while learning the essential tools and protocols for managing yeast and bacteria in the brewing process. Spend an evening visiting local microbreweries in the area! First Day 9am - 4pm and the second day9am to 1pm. $299 for 1.5 day workshop. For more information or to register, please visit our website.
    January 13-14 (Sat/Sun)
    March 31-April 1 (Sat/Sun)  
    June 16-17 (Sat/Sun)
    July 10-11 (Tue-Wed)
    November 17-18 (Sat/Sun)

    Course Outline:
    Day 1: 9am-4pm Lunch not included
        Use of the Microscope
        Media preparation
        Aseptic technique
        Plate pouring
        Culture transfer
        Streak plate and pour plate techniques for single colonies
        Plating samples by filtration
        Detecting bacteria with selective media
        Biochemical tests to identify bacterial contaminants
        Yeast counts by dilution plating and hemacytometer
    Day 2: 9am-1pm
        Observe streak plates, pour plates, and dilution plates from previous day
        Simple staining and Gram-staining techniques
        Catalase and oxidase tests

Microbiology for Brewers
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  • UW-Stevens Point Trainer Natural Resource Building
  • $299 for 1.5 day workshop