Heartland Bike Club Weekly Ride

  • Dates: May 7, 2018 - September 10, 2018
  • Recurring weekly on Monday
  • Location: Municipal parking Lot #2
  • Address: Stevens Point, WI 54481
  • Phone: (715) 570-6899
  • Time: 5:30pm
  • Overview
  • Summary:
    Mondays, 5:30 PM, departs Municipal Parking lot #2 (by Chase Bank)
    Moderate-fast-pace (17-19 mph) organized sport ride. No gaps, no drops.

    The Ride:
    This open, moderate-paced, sport ride leaves from the City parking lot north of Chase Bank, downtown Stevens Point, 601 Main Street, at 5:30 PM each Monday. We ride local routes of 35-45 miles. After a short 3-8 mile warm up, we usually settle into cruise speeds of 17-19 mph (no wind, flat terrain), and usually average overall 16-17 mph for the ride. Our ride is continuous, except for traffic stops. This is tempo riding in which we stay together as a group, and we refrain from paces or accelerations that can drop fellow riders.

    This is a social, sport ride open to any sport cyclist, seasoned or wanting to gain more experience in drafting and paceline riding. The goal is to ride together at a good pace and enjoy ourselves. In order to stay together and be somewhat organized, we ride using the principals of “Formation Cycling”, in which the ride leader sets and keeps the pace, keeps us together, and reminds us to ride at no more than two-abreast on the road. We also are courteous to others on the road, motor vehicles as well as fellow cyclists.

    All riders must wear approved biking helmets, and you are asked not to use aerobars if your bike is equipped.

    The Riders:
    None of us are experts or professional bike riders. We share a passion for bike riding on the road and enjoy riding moderately fast in a group. As sport riders, most of us ride 3-6 times a week or more and average 100-200 miles per week during the riding season. Mostly, we see ourselves as sport riders, as opposed to recreational riders or racers. Our cooperative spirit always restrains our competitive spirit.

    Will You Fit In?
    If you can average 17+ mph on an out-and-back or circuit solo ride of about 30 miles in which your cruise speeds vary from 17-20 mph as a result of wind, hills, etc., then you should be able to handle riding with this group. You will find the hills are going to be the greatest challenge to stick with the group. If you are a very strong rider who is used to race situations and cannot or do not want to work together with all the other riders in a group, this ride is not for you.

Heartland Bike Club Weekly Ride
  • to
  • Municipal parking Lot #2
  • Recurring weekly on Monday