CANCELLED- Schmeeckle Reserve Preschool Discovery Days

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    These programs are for children ages 3-6 with a parent or guardian. Programs begin at the Schmeeckle Reserve Visitor Center and will go outside, weather permitting. Snacks are provided. Registration not required. 

    Schmeeckle's Symphony
    Friday, March 27
    You're invited to Schmeeckle's spring concert! Listen to the sounds of nature created by animals, plants and weather, and mimic their musical talents.

    Water Flows, Rivers Grow
    Friday, April 3
    Splash in the puddles created by melting snow and spring showers. Make it rain through songs, stories, and an exploration of our watery world. 

    Nature's Nursery
    Friday, April 10
    As winter winds down, a new generation springs to life. Young explorers will spot the signs of Schmeeckle's little critters through stories, songs, and using our senses. 

    Finding Froggy Friends
    Friday, April 17 
    Explore the exciting life of frogs and toads from tiny tadpoles to brave adults through stories, songs, and hands-on explorations!

    Frolic with the Flowers
    Friday, May 8
    Play a part in the production of spring. Discover the plants and trees that are blooming with beautiful new life this season!

CANCELLED- Schmeeckle Reserve Preschool Discovery Days