Buffalo Galaxy- Bluegrass and Jam

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  • Get ready for a cocktail of jam and bluegrass. The string quartet, Buffalo Galaxy, is coming from Minneapolis to give you a fusion of jam, psychedelia, funk, and jazz poured over a stiff mix of country and bluegrass.

    10 pm
    Let's Party!

    A little more about Buffalo Galaxy:

    Dust from the years of performing with many groups and musical styles has coalesced to form Buffalo Galaxy.

    Each member brings with them a tradition of Bluegrass and American music as their bedrock, together creating moments of energy and intensity that can only be generated by light-speed bluegrass, while also exploring the deep-space between notes and emotions.

    The gravity of their songwriting pulls at our humanity, while time becomes relative when improvisations and jams atomize, allowing the listener to float weightless in musical space.

    Bringing a mass of energy that only time can accumulate, Buffalo Galaxy burns bright in the bluegrass universe!

Buffalo Galaxy- Bluegrass and Jam