Back to the Moon for Good

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  • The show starts by presenting the history of lunar exploration over more than half a century. The landers and orbiters taught us about the Moon's composition, geology, and formation.
    The Google Lunar XPRIZE is designed to democratize space and create new opportunities for human and robotic presence on the Moon. We see the engineering and innovation steps taken by the international teams competing to land a spacecraft on the Moon. The program highlights the human spirit of competition and collaboration as teams take on this audacious challenge. The audience is taken through a successful launch, landing and lunar surface travel. The show ends with a stunning glimpse of a plausible scenario for our future on the Moon.

    Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

Back to the Moon for Good
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  • Allen F. Blocher Planetarium
  • free - donations are encouraged and greatly appreciated (we rent most of our shows)