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  • We are offering NEW serving clinics for 2018 to help our campers make strides in one of the most important skills in volleyball. In today’s game, there is an incredible emphasis on developing the serving skill. It is essential to be able to serve consistently and aggressively to improve a team’s chance of winning, and stats can prove it.

    Serving camp is designed to develop the fundamentals of serving for beginners to advanced campers. Campers of all experience levels who want to get better at serving are welcome!

    Groups will be broken down by age and skill level and will work on proper serving mechanics. We will teach the standing float serve and jump float serve.

    During camp, we will breakdown of the techniques of serving, including individual skills and strategies. You will leave this camp a better and more confident server…guaranteed!

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  • UW-Stevens Point University Field
  • COST: $45 per session | $115 for all three sessions
  • Recurring every January 1st