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    Kozy Yak Brewery & Winery

    Relaxing on the patio at Kozy Yak Brewery & Winery

    Grapes and Grain

    Plan to visit Kozy Yak Brewery & Winery, located in downtown Rosholt just northeast of Stevens Point. Drawn to the sensory experiences that surround winemaking and brewing, and spurred on the fun they had while traveling and learning, the owners decided to share those experiences and started the winery and brewery. The brewery, which features a new beer almost every week, offers more than beer and wine: you’ll find a small selection of homemade food.

    Where to Find It?

    Kozy Yak Brewery & Winery are located together at 197 North Main Street in Rosholt. Tucked inside Downtown Rosholt, the brewery and winery offer a cozy spot to enjoy tasty selections of wine, beer and homemade food.

    Tasty Tidbits

    At Kozy Yak beer is great and borderline educational, with most specialty beers each week having a connection to historical events, local information or a tidbit of trivia. (Case in point – the standard red, the Rosholt Red Beer, RrB, shares the name with the soil designation that the brewery sits upon.)

    In addition to grapes, the wines are augmented with other locally grown fruits.

    Don’t call it a growler here – in tribute to the Yak, the carryout jugs are called grunters.

    Plan your trip - Kozy Yak Brewery & Winery

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