Check out the newest Central Wisconsin Craft Collective, McZ's Brew Pub. This cozy spot is tucked in downtown Rosholt, and serves up food along with their house-made brews. Here are three beers that we recommend you check out while you're there. 

Brown 25 North

Brown 25 North is one of their newest beers. It's a great blend of maltiness and hops. This is definitely a drink that will help you warm up in the winter. If you're interested in spicing things up, try adding a shot of maple syrup, caramel or rootbeer to the mix. 

Heavenly Hefe

This beer is known as a hefeweizen. What's a Hefeweizen you might ask? It is a German beer that is full of body with a wide range of flavors. This one, in particular, is full of rich flavor and has become a favorite to the locals who also enjoy a domestic beer. The Heavenly Hefe is a smooth beer and not too overpowering so it is great for a nice summer day. 

Campfire Rauchbier

If you're interested in a beer that is great for a cookout, the Campfire Rauchbier is the beer for you. The Campfire Rauchbier is a German-style beer that has a smoky aroma to it. Want to know what foods you should try with this beer? Check out McZ's Barbeque Pork, Brisket, or even the Pulled Pork Panini. 

Want more?

Open Wednesday through Saturday, McZ's Brew Pub is apart of the Central Wisconsin Craft Collective. Learn more about McZ's Brew Pub here.