Hosts Mariah Haberman and Eric Paulsen of Discover Wisconsin worked their way through Wisconsin to create the episode Wisconsin’s Craft Beverages – Raise a Glass. Read on to learn about their tasty stops in the Stevens Point Area, including the Stevens Point Brewery, Central Waters, Great Northern Distilling and Sunset Point Winery. Then, you can watch the full episode and plan your own trip!

Stop #1: While in the Stevens Point Area, Discover Wisconsin ventured to their first stop at the Stevens Point Brewery. From beer, soda and hard cider Point Brewery has been a staple for the Stevens Point Area for over 160 years.

Stop #2: Then, they made a stop at the only distillery in Central Wisconsin, Great Northern Distilling. Hear the story behind Brian Cummins, a chemical engineer by trade, who set out to open the distillery and work on creating a true grain to glass process with the help of others creative talents.

Stop #3: Next stop, Sunset Point Winery! This family-owned winery in downtown Stevens Point has a small and relaxing tasting room where you can enjoy the tasty wine and see the process of fermenting, with a long list of popular wines to sample.

Stop #4: The crew made their way to Central Waters Brewing Company, to learn more about their brewing philosophy with co-owner Anello Mollica. Prided on being one of the most environmentally sustainable breweries across the country, Central Waters is known for their seasonal drafts and craft beer year-round.

Stop 5: The episode wraps up, in downtown Stevens Point during a Central Wisconsin Craft Collective Tourism Takeover at a Levitt AMP Music Series concert at Pfiffner Pioneer Park.   

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