Looking to spend your Saturday afternoon taking in the aromas and vibrant colors of fresh produce and blossoms? Join Layne Cozzolino, co-owner of Siren Shrub, as she discusses eating and buying fresh, home-grown food at the Stevens Point Farmers Market.  

On Point with Cozzolino

On Saturday mornings in downtown Stevens Point, you'll get a taste of how seriously this community takes locally-produced food. You might also run into one of its biggest champions.  

Stevens Point's Downtown Farmers' Market has been here for more than a century, in a town square constructed just for this purpose.  At the market, you'll find a bounty of farm-fresh goods and some days, you'll find Layne Cozzolino doing her morning shopping.

"The market is pretty great," said Cozzolino. She served at the helm of Central Rivers Farmshed for 7 years, a local farming advocacy group that helps fertilize the vibrant local food movement in central Wisconsin.  

Cozzolino, who owns a farm of her own in Amherst, said that there are a lot of passionate local food entrepreneurs in the Stevens Point Area, and they all share a common mission.  

"How do we prop each other up and get local food on the map here?" she said.  

It's a food scene well worth exploring. Cozzolino recommends visitors check out the Farm Fresh Atlas of Central Wisconsin to find more local foods.

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