Looking for a fun family-friendly festival, complete with great food, free live music, and capped off with fireworks? If so, this is one event you do not want to miss. The annual Riverfront Rendezvous is held at Pfiffner Pioneer Park and will be taking place from June 29-July 1, 2018. 

Here are the top five things you need to know before heading out to enjoy the summertime fun!

1. Food

No festival is complete without the food! The classic funnel cakes and elephant ears will be available, but there are some new items being added to the menu. Beef kabobs and BBQ ribs will now be offered this year, so don’t miss out on trying those! Food tents will be open from 5-10pm on Friday and noon-10pm on Saturday and Sunday.Don't miss the annual fourth of July festival known as Riverfront Rendezvous in the Stevens Point Area.

2. Carp Classic

Who knew fishing for carp would be so exciting?! We would tell you the secret about catching them, but every contestant keeps their strategy top secret. Commonly known bait for carp is sweet corn, but others “chum” for the fish. Some choose to fish along the shore, while others prefer to go out on their boat. Whatever strategy you decide, make sure it helps you win the grand prizes of bragging rights and a nice trophy!

3. Music

Ever heard of Bob Marley and The Original Wailers? Well, The Original Wailers will be performing Friday night! Are you more interested in the rock genre? Check out Tonic! That’s right; Tonic, the 90s rock band, will be performing at Riverfront Rendezvous Saturday night. Other bands like The Snow Birds and Them Coulee Boys will be performing Saturday night. Keep in mind that all of these national musical acts are free!

4. Fun for All Ages

Most of the kid events will be held in the south tent on Saturday. Objects might start flying with juggling and science experiments going on! The kids might also enjoy playing some BINGO in the north tent. On Sunday from 1-2:30pm there will be games and prizes given out to kids that participate in the Kids Day event. The lighted boat parade and fireworks are also something you might want to let the kids stay up for Sunday night.

5. Leave Fido at Home

We know that they are adorable and any family pet is another member of the family, but for their own safety, we are asking that pets stay at home. From being packed with people in the day to loud music and fireworks at night, they might feel a bit more comfortable in their own home.

Think you've seen it all, already?

Check out a sneak peek of the event from a new perspective - from the sky!

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